The European Union as the cause of separatism

Good afternoon! I will continue to write about Catalonia, because the events that are taking place there worry the whole world. And I want to share my ideas with you about a possible reason of the current situation.
Recently, the countries of Europe with a complex ethnic administrative system begin one after another not only to fall like a house of cards, but to have very serious additional burdens and difficulties. Now we see it on the example of Spain. I will assume you that the fact of the existence of the European Union and the long-term prospects of joining it as a separate state can provoke separatist sentiments in Catalonia, and not only there. I’ll try to explain why.
Big states provide certain regions, like Catalonia, with certain bonuses in the economic, financial and political spheres that would be prohibitive for these regions as for individual countries.
However, the growing influence of supranational organizations (for example, the EU) and multilateral treaties leads to the fact that many of these bonuses can be obtained as a separate small country. It is enough to enter a supranational entity or sign a multilateral treaty. This temptation can affect the alignment of regional forces. Ultimately, this is likely to lead to an increase in decentralization. But their ignoring of centrifugal tendencies threatens only the growth of tension, which can lead to open conflicts and the disintegration of states.
I would also like to remind you that the reason for demanding the independence of Catalonia was the financial crisis in Spain, in fact, the refusal of the central government to give Barcelona 5 billion euros for social programs. And the main idea of ​​Catalan separatism, of course, lies deeper than the supposed “cultural oppression” of Madrid – it is the reluctance of the rich province to share money with the poorer part of Spain. Catalonia remains annually in a minus from such transfers for the sum of 16 billion euro. Thus, the debt crisis only strengthens the position of separatist movements in Europe.
So it turns out that the existence of the EU provokes the regions for separatism. Why live in Spain if you can leave it, but stay in the EU, with its market, rules, but with your own taxes, etc?! In light of this, it can be assumed that regional separatism will only increase as the European Union consolidates and centralizes.

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