German authorities “lost” 30 thousand refugees

Good morning everyone! The theme of the migration crisis is still topical. After all, the number of people arriving in Europe from the countries of Africa and the Middle East is only increasing. But yesterday, October 2, it turned out that the German authorities did not know anything about where there were more than 30,000 people who had been refused asylum and were subject to expulsion. Although according to the government, at the end of December 2016, 54 thousand 437 people were deported from Germany. However, according to the Federal Statistical Office, in 2016 only 23 thousand 617 of them received benefits. The authorities had no information on the location of the remaining 30 thousand 820 people. Is Germany not able to control the situation of refugees on its own territory?!
And, after all, the German Chancellor most of all invited migrants to her country. In addition, speaking at a press conference in Berlin, she said: “I’m glad that for many people abroad Germany is associated with hope.” This behavior of German Chancellor Angela Merkel provoked the influx of refugees into the EU. After all, migrants follow the appeal of responsible European politicians. They all believe in the promise of the opportunity to live in Europe. But, apparently, these are just statements… Merkel, perhaps, understood the coming nightmare that can drop from the clouds. Or this country began to understand that a large number of migrants could really threaten the security of the country?!
In addition, everyone probably understood that migrants would integrate into European society for several generations, and their massive influx into Europe could have dire consequences. We all see that every day Islamic aggression is only growing and becomes deadly dangerous for the whole of European civilization. We need only to wait that the leadership of the alliance will start to solve this global problem, otherwise the EU people are expecting far from the best times.

Author: magarcialpz

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