#Tabarnia wants to secede from #Catalonia: a joke or reality?

Recently, the popular news in the media was the emergence of a virtual territorial formation, which includes almost the entire eastern part of Catalonia – Tabarnia. This name is formed from the names of the two largest Catalan cities, Tarragona and Barcelona.
The authors of this idea, Catalan intellectuals, supporters of the unity of Spain, argue that they conceived Tabarnia as a a cautionary Christmas tale as a warning to the separatists. So, if they separate Catalonia from Spain, Tabarnia, the most developed part of Catalonia, will separate from Catalonia and remain in Spain as autonomy.
I note that many public organizations have already supported this idea and local lawyers even prepare documents for the implementation of this project. Its own flag of the new autonomy was even created. It is a mixture of elements of Barcelona and Tarragona flags.


In turn, the people raise funds for the needs of the future administration of Tabarnia. And in social networks the idea of ​​Tabarnia was supported by more than 200 thousand Catalans.
From the point of view of the Spanish legislation, to implement the idea of ​​Tabarnia “is difficult, but possible”. It is difficult, because the division of Spain into autonomous regions is fixed by the Constitution, and its amendments can be made only after a lengthy parliamentary procedure and referendum. At the same time, it is possible to do this because “the precedent has already been”: Madrid was separated into a separate autonomy from a larger area – Castilla-La Mancha.
So why did this idea become so popular?! It turns out that the contradictions between the east and west of Catalonia have existed for a long time. In the east, the business and cultural life of Catalonia, its large cities, its factories and universities are concentrated. There live 5.8 million out of 7.5 million inhabitants of the region, 80 percent of local GDP is produced, and local business is closely connected with other regions of Spain. And the inhabitants of the Catalan east are dissatisfied with the fact that last years the authorities of Catalonia paid more attention to its rural west, where separatist ambitions are very strong. In addition, 87 percent of all collected taxes come to the Catalan budget, and the bulk of the expenditure budget goes to the west. They also consider unjust the Catalan electoral system, which allows sparsely inhabited western districts to elect the same number of deputies as the densely populated eastern districts.
And although many organizations such as Barcelona is not Catalonia and others have already embarked on the implementation of the project (on January 20 a demonstration in support of the Tabarnia is scheduled, a referendum is planned, there will be propaganda among the population, fund raising, prepare documents for submission to the Spanish parliament), Catalonia will still remain united. “No one seriously wants to create a new autonomy. It’s about satire, aimed at making fun of the arguments of supporters of independence”. And the idea of ​​Tabarnia arose “in the context of polemics with the separatists”. Its authors wanted only to prove that “the independence of Catalonia is unacceptable for millions of people.” However, the project had a different effect: the separatists ignored it, but “the supporters of unity perceived as a guide to action”.
Thus, the actions of the supporters of the independence of Catalonia provoked a chain reaction. At first, Catalonia decided to secede from Spain, in response to this, another region of Catalonia wants to separate … As a result, other regions may also want autonomy, for example, the Basque Country and so on ad infinitum. As a result, these actions will lead to the destruction of one of the largest European countries. What, apparently, some third-party forces are trying to achieve, that are far away, but striving for power around the world. I have repeatedly written about George Soros and others like him, whose goal is world domination. And now I mean them. Most likely, the October 1st Referendum was also needed in order to encourage the Spanish to divide the country. And all the talk about the independence of the region is a beautiful fairy tale. However, the real Spanish do not need new autonomies and areas, they need a single and strong Spain!

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