The problems of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland: sexual harassment and pedophilia

Writing my article about sexual harassment against women, I found several materials about the most recent such cases. One of them will be devoted to this article. It will not be about Hollywood stars and Olympic champions, but about a Polish girl who serves in the Armed Forces of Poland. She protects her fellow citizens from external threats, but in fact herself needs protection.
A few days ago the Polish edition of reported that Corporal Anna was reinstated to the service by the decision of the Minister of Defense Mariusz Błaszczak. Since September 2016, she served in the military police of the Masovian Voivodeship, but in December 2017 she was fired while on sick leave. For official reasons, she was dismissed because of incompliance current with her position.
However, she said, it was the revenge of the command that she openly opposed sexual harassment and psychological pressure from her commanding officers. Corporal Anna constantly received vulgar sms on the phone, and also the battalion commander Lieutenant Colonel S. attempts to make physically influence.
In the middle of last year, she sent an official letter to the former Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz. In October, the same Polish edition told about this history. However, the Polish Army Command failed to act in her defence. The letter was returned to the military police. And two months later she was informed of her dismissal from service.
To date, M. Błaszczak reinstated her in the service. However, hearings on her case in the court in Warsaw will continue. The next meeting is scheduled for February. And, by the way, Lieutenant Colonel S. still serves.
And it seems to me that there are a lot of such stories, but not all women are ready to say it. However, it seems to me that silence only aggravates the situation. It is necessary to speak about this, that such S. should be punished.
But this is not the worst thing that I found when studying Polish media with the help of online translators, of course. It turns out in July 2017, it became known about the dismissal from the Polish Armed Forces of Colonel Robert Orlovski who was suspected of pedophilia. He was caught when he went on a date with a 14-year-old girl. As a result, he got off only by dismissal and relocation to the personnel reserve.
I think that such incidents occur not only in Poland. And I’m glad that the Polish press has the courage to sound such things, which can damage the international image of the country.
P.S. I would be very grateful to my readers if you send me messages or links to materials about such cases. The more people will know about them, the more likely that the guilty will be punished. I am sure that together we can make the life of women safer.

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