Macron doesn’t want to run only France

Probably everyone has already noticed that after coming to power in France Macron determined to extend his political influence throughout all Europe. His ambitious plans are to create a European super-state under his own leadership.
Emmanuel Macron has already begun to plan to exercise control over the European Parliament and create a common political space for the European Union. If this plan of the French president works, then the European Union will come close to becoming a ‘United States of Europe’, actually governed from Paris – despite the fact that no one elected Macron as the head of the European Union.
But it is very interesting what is the point of Macron or is someone else behind that? Let’s figure it out.
First of all, France needs money for their ambitious economic programs. And Macron has offered many times the following the scheme: the European Union issues debt instruments, then all of the EU countries respond to them according to their possibilities, and those EU countries that have more needs use them. In fact, this scheme assumes that German, Italian and Spanish taxpayers will pay for fulfilling the promises given by Macron to French voters. It is not surprising that Merkel strongly opposed it, and therefore, to solve the problem, she will be forced to agree with the Macron’s plan for the plundering of Germany. Moreover, due to recent events, Merkel has ceased to be perceived as a leading politician in the EU. And instead of her the French president with the support of the political forces that want to make ‘the United States of Europe’ from the EU seeks to take the reins of government.
The American agency Bloomberg writes that Macron is not content with France alone, he is preparing to challenge the whole of Europe, but notes that the task of conquering Europe is not simple. People started to compare Macron to Napoleon and predict great problems for him in the implementation of his plans.
The fact is that in order to gain control over the structures of the European Union, the French leader needs control over the European Parliament, which, in turn, will give him a serious lever of influence on the European Commission – the structure that plays the role of the EU government. In addition, Macron himself does not want to leave his presidential post, and for this he needs to change the political system of the EU. Because neither the president nor the prime minister of a European country can simultaneously control the all-European authorities.
So far, he has a chance to implement his plans. He has already enlisted the support of representatives of the En Marche party, who are seeking in all EU countries candidates willing to support Macron in the European elections. Moreover, they are waiting for support from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, a transnational alliance of liberal parties supporting the globalization and centralization of the European Union and having its own group in the European Parliament. And if this coalition is large enough, then the French president will become even closer to radical reforms in the European Union and control over the pan-European budget and foreign policy.
And everything seems so good, but this plan to expand its political influence to the whole of Europe has several problems. First of all, it’s money. Macron is a former high-ranking Rothschild banker, and he has serious connections in financial circles and very large material resources. However, mass buying and promotion of candidates and European deputies will require huge sums. An even more important problem is the resistance of the political elites of those EU countries that will lose all their political and economic influence. The Austrian, Hungarian, Italian and other national elites will greatly impede the Macron’s candidates, and in case of real danger of the EU federalization, the withdrawal from the union of specific countries may come on the agenda.
Secondly, I’ve already wrote that these plans of Napoleon-Macron do not coincide with the plans of the German political elite. The European Union does not need an ambitious banker with Napoleon’s habits, which means that the new German government will seek and will certainly find the necessary political and administrative levers to suppress Macro attempts to put the European Parliament under its control. The only way to avoid a tough Franco-German confrontation, which is quite capable of destroying the European Union, is the achievement of some sort of compromise between Berlin and Paris. In general, it is still difficult to say whether the French leader will succeed or Europe will win the forces advocating the preservation of national states in their current form. But all these actions of Macron, which, of course, can lead to the collapse of the European Union, are very frightening and it is necessary to take some steps. Until it’s not too late…

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