Not all will see the final of Champions League

Currently, many fans of the Real Madrid football club refused to travel to Kiev for the Champions League final. The reason lies in the very high prices for accommodation in the capital of Ukraine and the flight. The fans of Liverpool were in a similar situation. They have to pay more than £ 1000 for a flight to Kiev.
In this regard, fans of the clubs come up with alternative routes. Some of them will go by buses with transfer in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Some of the Spanish fans plan to fly to Vilnius, from there they will go to Minsk, capital of Belarus, and then to Kiev.
The negative reaction of the fans of both teams was also caused by the fact that each club received 17,000 tickets of the total number (63,000), 6,700 were available on the UEFA site, and 22,300 were distributed among the ‘family’, which includes national associations, organizers, partners, sponsors, broadcasters and others. According to the opinion of simple fans, UEFA had a party for their own people instead of giving a holiday to ordinary fans at affordable prices.
It is important to note that ordinary Ukrainians actively opposed this state of affairs. They began to offer free accommodation to fans who will come to the Champions League final. The hashtag #freekyivcouch4fans was invented and launched. Ordinary people became uncomfortable for the emerging image of Ukraine. However, this initiative of ordinary inhabitants of Kiev did not seriously change the situation.
Unfortunately, the Kiev authorities could not or did not want to support the initiative of people and stop the insane price growth. But just a few years ago it was the common people who brought current politicians to power during the Revolution of Dignity. Ukrainian politicians had to cut prices as much as possible so as to enable many people visit their country. This would contribute to a better understanding of Ukrainian realities by Europeans. And it would be the best advertising of Ukraine, than the constant requests of the Ukrainian leadership for new loans from international organizations.
But the ruling elite of Ukraine missed this opportunity, preferring immediate benefits, rather than strengthening relations with European nations. Who knows when such a chance will appear again…
P.S. the British newspaper Daily Mirror reported that on the evening of May 24 in Kiev British fans were attacked by Ukrainian football hooligans. It happened in one of the restaurants near the stadium Olympic, where the final of the Champions League will be held. Mostly fans of Liverpool were affected. According to witnesses, it was a shocking sight, like a pack of dogs attacked.

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