Soros begins to invest in bitcoin to finance terrorism

Recently the interest of the George Soros Foundation and the Rockfellers company Venroc has significantly increased in investment in the cryptoindustry. And it’s not without any reasons. Until recently Soros called bitcoin a classic “soap bubble”, but now he has changed his attitude to digital assets and decided to use them for his own purposes. The Wall Street Journal considers that cryptocurrencies help circumvent the constraints on the world banking systems established to combat terrorism and money laundering. With the help of the crypto exchange, users can convert digital currencies to ordinary ones, transfer them to a bank card or bank account, and take them off at ordinary ATMs.
I have repeatedly written in my articles that the American billionaire George Soros is a very controversial figure, he is used to earning on the problems of others. I recall that it was he who organized the collapse of the British pound in 1992, which brought him more than a billion dollars in one day. Through various funds, he participated in military conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, he was repeatedly seen in creating chaos in Europe, which allowed him to influence political processes in different regions of the world. The creation of ISIL was happened with his participation. Soros sponsors terrorism. For him, the more chaos, the more money. However, he acts very carefully, and therefore there is no direct evidence that he is involved in everything that is happening in the world.
And, most likely, Soros again goes according to his planned scenario. So, it is quite possible that bitcoin will become the currency of terrorists soon. The popularity of cryptocurrency among terrorist groups in the Middle East is constantly growing. So, for example, the Al-Sadaka organization, which provides support related to jihad, in its Twitter has published a video, which calls for sacrifice anonymously with the help of cryptocurrency and indicates the address of the bitcoin-purse to improve the conditions for the existence of militants in Syria.
Soros is a businessman who calculates his actions far ahead and if he has already decided to invest in cryptocurrencies, it’s for a reason. Thus, Mr. Soros uses cryptocurrencies to finance terrorist groups in order to create chaos in the world, as well as promote their own interests.

The trade war: USA & Europe

Today there are many conversations about the complication of the relations between the Trump’s administration and Europe.
I remind you that on March 9 the head of the White House signed a decree to introduce 25-percent tariffs on steel imports and 10-percent tariffs on aluminum imports. The exemptions were for Canada and Mexico, Washington’s partners in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). I note that Trump’s decision to impose duties served as an impetus for the beginning of the trade war.
The Section 232 of US trade legislation allows introduce measures against imports that threaten national security. This step was explained by the high dependence on foreign metals and the reduction of domestic production and capacity. US Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, said that many steel and aluminum plants has been closed, 75,000 jobs have been lost since 1998.
The US actions became very painful for the European Union, Brussels reacted to Washington’s plans immediately. The head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said that if the US did not abandon its intentions, then the EU would follow the reciprocal duties on steel, bourbon, jeans and peanut butter.
It is not yet clear how this ends and until what time they will exchange duties and tariff charges, but the consequences of the trade war can be extremely destructive. If the US withdraws from NAFTA and announces new import tariffs from China, South Korea and Taiwan, the growth of global GDP will slow to 2.5% in 2018 instead of the basic 3.2%.
However, the US president believes that the US will win the trade war. For the USA, the EU is the main economic partner, it is not even among the three major US importers (China, Mexico and Canada). But for the European Union, the USA is one of the main trade partners for exports and imports. In addition, America is one of the most important markets for the EU. And if we allow America to continue to limit this market with impunity in the future, for Europeans this may end by an economic crisis.
The outcome of the confrontation, in fact, is not so obvious. The history of such trade wars shows that a country that initially has stronger positions may eventually lose out. But I think that in this trade war, caused by mutual tariff increases, no one will win. After all, you can notice that it will not just a conflict of interests between the two countries, but a clash of protectionists and globalists, which lasts for a number of years…

Comfort or obligation? Alternative for the #USA

For many decades the US Armed Forces promote themselves as a main security guarantor for the partners in the North Atlantic Alliance and other states that are loyal to Washington. Is it really?
In October and November it was reported that the USA withdrew its military contingent from Lithuania (, This fact wasn’t be published anywhere. To comment the withdrawal of the troops, the US Army general Ben Hodges declared that US Armed Forces would return to Lithuania to participate in these drills. The Lithuanian government hasn’t yet commented this sad information for them. And what can a small state say to its main ally, who promised to protect it always?
Some Lithuanian editions expressed their dissatisfaction about the withdrawal of American troops. Some of them compared these actions of American partners with the new Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Someone even joked that Russia was becoming “weaker, that’s why it’s more and more eager to enslave Europe, but perhaps the whole world”. In this context, in the opinion of the Lithuanian mass media, the denial of the White House from the rotation of its troops in Lithuania is terrible, like a deceased (
I think, this step devaluates the Washington declarations to help and defend their allies and partners. The overall strength of the Lithuanian Armed Forces is not more than 30 thousand people, that isn’t enough in the light of the current situation of geopolitics.
Why have I paid attention to this problem? Some time ago I got acquainted with Lithuanians at my work. While at a business dinner, our attention was focused on a group of Americans who behaved quite noisily. My Lithuanian colleague said that Americans are characterized by an external background, and not by real cases. To my question: “why”? He did not want to answer, getting off with general phrases. But at once I’ve remembered about my career as a journalist and as a result, I managed to find out some interesting details. He said that in the middle of November, not only the US Army, but most of the US Air Force fighter aircraft left Lithuania much ahead of their schedule. They deployed at the Zokniai airbase. The main reason given was the fact that seven aircraft failed engines in September and November. American pilots blamed the Lithuanian side, noting the low level of air base repair facilities, weak personnel training of the Lithuanian Air Force and poor quality of the take-off runway. These were the reasons for the withdrawal of the American Aces. My Lithuanian colleague learned it from his relative who works at this airbase.
I can not confirm the credibility of this information, but I will not deny the possibility of it. Everyone knows that US servicemen are accustomed to comfort. To do this, their country allocates huge amounts of money. But is it really comfortable in the war? Why not just train your allies and not invest money in infrastructure modernization? What European country should prepare for such scenario, if one day American soldiers will not be transferred from the hotel to the duty station? I think that we will not get answers to these questions.