Soros begins to invest in bitcoin to finance terrorism

Recently the interest of the George Soros Foundation and the Rockfellers company Venroc has significantly increased in investment in the cryptoindustry. And it’s not without any reasons. Until recently Soros called bitcoin a classic “soap bubble”, but now he has changed his attitude to digital assets and decided to use them for his own purposes. The Wall Street Journal considers that cryptocurrencies help circumvent the constraints on the world banking systems established to combat terrorism and money laundering. With the help of the crypto exchange, users can convert digital currencies to ordinary ones, transfer them to a bank card or bank account, and take them off at ordinary ATMs.
I have repeatedly written in my articles that the American billionaire George Soros is a very controversial figure, he is used to earning on the problems of others. I recall that it was he who organized the collapse of the British pound in 1992, which brought him more than a billion dollars in one day. Through various funds, he participated in military conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, he was repeatedly seen in creating chaos in Europe, which allowed him to influence political processes in different regions of the world. The creation of ISIL was happened with his participation. Soros sponsors terrorism. For him, the more chaos, the more money. However, he acts very carefully, and therefore there is no direct evidence that he is involved in everything that is happening in the world.
And, most likely, Soros again goes according to his planned scenario. So, it is quite possible that bitcoin will become the currency of terrorists soon. The popularity of cryptocurrency among terrorist groups in the Middle East is constantly growing. So, for example, the Al-Sadaka organization, which provides support related to jihad, in its Twitter has published a video, which calls for sacrifice anonymously with the help of cryptocurrency and indicates the address of the bitcoin-purse to improve the conditions for the existence of militants in Syria.
Soros is a businessman who calculates his actions far ahead and if he has already decided to invest in cryptocurrencies, it’s for a reason. Thus, Mr. Soros uses cryptocurrencies to finance terrorist groups in order to create chaos in the world, as well as promote their own interests.

#American secrets of the #separatists

The recent parade of sovereignty in #Catalonia have failed, as a result of which the former president of the Catalan Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, is running away from Spanish justice in Belgium. It can be said that the failure of the separatists testifies that the new president of the United States, Donald Trump, kept his main promise, refusing from the violent export of democracy in favor of respect for state sovereignty.
After the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House, all these separatist movements were gradually fading away, despite the active support of the main sponsor from the wing of public globalists, George Soros. For the first time, Washington used the “right of people to self-determination” in their geopolitical interests as early as the beginning of the 20th century, supporting in 1903 the “nation of Panama” in Colombia to privatize the future Panama Canal. Having seized the initiative from French investors, the Americans subsequently eliminated the president of Panama, Omar Torrijos, and the Chief of Staff of the national Defense Forces, general Manuel Noriega, who sought the sovereignty of the Canal. The first of them died in 1977 in a plane crash, and the second was overthrown in 1989 during the invasion of American troops in Panama. Thus, support for separatism in the zone of American interests has a long tradition and was actively used by Washington until recently.
On the example of Catalonia, you can also note that here the leader of the separatists, Carles Puigdemont, hoped clearly to repeat the experience of his predecessor, the founder of the first separatist party “Estat Catalá” Francisco Maciá. In 1928, he collaborated with the pro-American dictator of Cuba, Gerardo Machado, with the support of which he founded his “Revolutionary Separatist Party of Catalonia” in Havana. Having enlisted the support of George Soros and his comrades, Puigdemont hoped to continue the Catalan project after gaining independence, annexing Andorra, the southeast of France and part of Sardinia. However, deprived of US support, is now forced to seek salvation in political emigration. Thus, all the “separatist projects” were blocked without the support of the United States, along with them, the aggressive projects on the withdrawal of territories in various parts of the world were also brought to nothing. Preservation of the territorial integrity of Spain shows that Trump managed to stop the destructive operations of his predecessors at the moment.
Perhaps this explains in many respects why the figure of the new American president was under sustained attack of “misunderstanding of foreign policy,” and the former head of the Generalitat had to seek political asylum in Belgium, not having completed his plan for secession of Catalonia.