#Tabarnia wants to secede from #Catalonia: a joke or reality?

Recently, the popular news in the media was the emergence of a virtual territorial formation, which includes almost the entire eastern part of Catalonia – Tabarnia. This name is formed from the names of the two largest Catalan cities, Tarragona and Barcelona.
The authors of this idea, Catalan intellectuals, supporters of the unity of Spain, argue that they conceived Tabarnia as a a cautionary Christmas tale as a warning to the separatists. So, if they separate Catalonia from Spain, Tabarnia, the most developed part of Catalonia, will separate from Catalonia and remain in Spain as autonomy.
I note that many public organizations have already supported this idea and local lawyers even prepare documents for the implementation of this project. Its own flag of the new autonomy was even created. It is a mixture of elements of Barcelona and Tarragona flags.


In turn, the people raise funds for the needs of the future administration of Tabarnia. And in social networks the idea of ​​Tabarnia was supported by more than 200 thousand Catalans.
From the point of view of the Spanish legislation, to implement the idea of ​​Tabarnia “is difficult, but possible”. It is difficult, because the division of Spain into autonomous regions is fixed by the Constitution, and its amendments can be made only after a lengthy parliamentary procedure and referendum. At the same time, it is possible to do this because “the precedent has already been”: Madrid was separated into a separate autonomy from a larger area – Castilla-La Mancha.
So why did this idea become so popular?! It turns out that the contradictions between the east and west of Catalonia have existed for a long time. In the east, the business and cultural life of Catalonia, its large cities, its factories and universities are concentrated. There live 5.8 million out of 7.5 million inhabitants of the region, 80 percent of local GDP is produced, and local business is closely connected with other regions of Spain. And the inhabitants of the Catalan east are dissatisfied with the fact that last years the authorities of Catalonia paid more attention to its rural west, where separatist ambitions are very strong. In addition, 87 percent of all collected taxes come to the Catalan budget, and the bulk of the expenditure budget goes to the west. They also consider unjust the Catalan electoral system, which allows sparsely inhabited western districts to elect the same number of deputies as the densely populated eastern districts.
And although many organizations such as Barcelona is not Catalonia and others have already embarked on the implementation of the project (on January 20 a demonstration in support of the Tabarnia is scheduled, a referendum is planned, there will be propaganda among the population, fund raising, prepare documents for submission to the Spanish parliament), Catalonia will still remain united. “No one seriously wants to create a new autonomy. It’s about satire, aimed at making fun of the arguments of supporters of independence”. And the idea of ​​Tabarnia arose “in the context of polemics with the separatists”. Its authors wanted only to prove that “the independence of Catalonia is unacceptable for millions of people.” However, the project had a different effect: the separatists ignored it, but “the supporters of unity perceived as a guide to action”.
Thus, the actions of the supporters of the independence of Catalonia provoked a chain reaction. At first, Catalonia decided to secede from Spain, in response to this, another region of Catalonia wants to separate … As a result, other regions may also want autonomy, for example, the Basque Country and so on ad infinitum. As a result, these actions will lead to the destruction of one of the largest European countries. What, apparently, some third-party forces are trying to achieve, that are far away, but striving for power around the world. I have repeatedly written about George Soros and others like him, whose goal is world domination. And now I mean them. Most likely, the October 1st Referendum was also needed in order to encourage the Spanish to divide the country. And all the talk about the independence of the region is a beautiful fairy tale. However, the real Spanish do not need new autonomies and areas, they need a single and strong Spain!

#Cataluña ha ganado a la #monarquía

El separatismo catalán volvió a triunfar. En las elecciones extraordinarias al Parlamento catalán designadas por el Gobierno español, los partidos que favorecían la independencia de la región obtuvieron la mayoría de los votos. El ex presidente de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, ha afirmado que las elecciones han dado un resultado que considera indiscutible: “La República catalana ha ganado a la monarquía del 155”.
Aunque el mejor resultado tiene el partido Ciudadanos que representa la unidad de España, – obtuvo 37 escaños en el Parlamento de 135 escaños. Sin embargo, no tiene suficiente escaños para formar el Gobierno de la mayoría, ya que los tres principales partidos separatistas (Juntos por Cataluña (JxCat), ERC (siglas en catalán de Izquierda Republicana de Cataluña) y la Candidatura de Unidad Popular (CUP)), recibieron un total de 70 escaños.
El partido gobernante Partido Popular (PP), que fue apoyado por el Rey español Felipe VI y por socialistas acaba de morir para los catalanes. En lugar de los 11 escaños en el Parlamento éste obtuvo solamente 3. Para el PP es una pérdida trágica que pued resultar el colapso de su oficina y posiblemente, las elecciones anticipadas en España. Se hizo evidente que la violencia ejercida por las fuerzas del estado español enviadas por el PP desde Madrid contra Cataluña no tuvo éxito para los resultados políticos, pero sólo agravó la situación en la región. Además, todo esto significa que Madrid todavía tiene que sentarse a la mesa de negociaciones con Barcelona y discutir la existencia futura en el marco de un estado.
Para todo lo anterior, quiero añadir que Cataluña no sólo ha ganado en la arena política el 21 de diciembre, sino ha ganado el liderazgo en el estadio Santiago Bernabéu, donde el 23 de diciembre el Barcelona ha vencido al Real Madrid en el famoso El Clásico al ganar 3-0.

#Catalonia: #Belgium – the new home of the escaped #Puigdemont?

The story with an attempt to proclaim the state sovereignty of Catalonia passed into the phase of legal proceedings. After the declaration of independence of the region was suspended, the Spanish court first decided to arrest eight ministers of the “rebellious” government of the autonomy, including Vice President Oriol Junqueras and ex-ministers Carles Mundo, Joaquim Forn, Meritxell Borras, Dolors Bassa, Raul Romeva, Jordi Turull and Josep Rull. They are accused of organizing rebellion, insurgency and waste of public funds. They face up to 30 years in prison.
After the Spanish court issued a European warrant for the arrest of politicians catalanes, on Sunday, November 5, the former head of Catalonia and 4 local government ministers appeared themselves at the police station in Brussels, accompanied by their lawyers. Let me remind you that they have been in Belgium since the end of October.
On November 6, it became known that the Belgian court released the ex-President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, and his former advisers, provided that they did not leave the country until the issue of their extradition to Madrid was resolved, that is, until November 17, when a court decision on the execution of the European warrant for arrest issued by Spain will be rendered.
It can be assumed that Belgium has already become a new home for the escaped Puigdemont and his associates from Catalonia. Puigdemont did not just choose this country. The Belgian authorities were almost the only ones in Europe with a restrained support of Catalonia’s claims for independence, and the Minister of Migration of Belgium, Theo Francken, even said that Puigdemont could well get political asylum.
That is, the escape of the ex-head of Catalonia turned out to be an escape – from obligations, from politics, from the choice of the people, from their political status. He does not control his destiny today, it is made by external players. And I believe that for a politician – this is a defeat. He lost the fate of Catalonia itself. I believe that he had to stay in Spain, no matter what the consequences. Political leadership is, first of all, a character and a personal example.
Whatever the outcome of the early parliamentary elections, the initiative for the Catalans is missed strategically, and the will to obtain national sovereignty is substantially broken by the betrayal of leaders.

The Constitutional Court of #Spain suspended the #resolution on the #independence of #Catalonia

Good evening, dear readers! So the events in Spain continue to worry me. So, today, October 31, the Сourt granted the petition of the Spanish authorities against the resolution of the Catalan Chamber of Parliament on the proclamation of independence.
Let me remind you that on October 27, the Catalan parliament voted to adopt a resolution proposed by supporters of the independence of the autonomous community from Spain. And later, Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, announced the removal of the head of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, and the dissolution of the local government and parliament.
As explained by Oriol Junqueras, K.Puchedemon’s deputy, in his address the former head of Catalonia will tell about the “work” he is performing while he is in Brussels. Although the only reason for his visit to Belgium is currently being actively discussed with a view to obtaining asylum from possible criminal prosecution by the Spanish authorities. According to El Periodico, five former members of the deported Catalan government arrived together with Puigdemont in Brussels.
In addition, lawsuits for rebellion, rebellion and embezzlement have been filed against members of the remote government of the region and a number of local parliamentarians. Maybe they’re the reason they ran …
Nevertheless, we will only hope for the best that justice will triumph and Catalonia will eventually surrender. In the meantime, it is already noted that virtually the whole of the Catalan administration submitted orders to Madrid.

#Cataluña vs. #España: ¿Habrá #guerra o no?

¡Buenas tardes, queridos lectores! ¡Por fin el tan esperado momento de la verdad llega! Ambas partes hicieron realidad el sueño: Cataluña declaró la independencia y España aplicó el artículo 155 de la Constitución. Y les contaré más sobre lo que sucedió este fin de semana después de la proclamación de la independencia y sus posibles consecuencias.
Entonces, este viernes 27 de octubre, el Parlamento catalán aprobó una resolución que proclamaba la independencia de la Comunidad Autónoma. En respuesta, tras la reunión del gabinete, el primer ministro español, Mariano Rajoy, anunció la disolución del Parlamento catalán y propuso elecciones anticipadas en diciembre. El mismo día, las autoridades españolas eliminaron a Puigdemont del cargo de jefe de Cataluña y disolvieron el gobierno local y el parlamento. El cargo del jefe de la región fue nombrado la viceprimer ministro de España, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría. La policía de Cataluña estaba encabezada por el Comisario Ferran López. Sólo hay que notar, que ellos no se dan prisa para ir en Barcelona, ya que España no sabe cómo va a retirar físicamente Parlamento de la Administración … ¡¿Y si se lo ayuda o solamente puede agravar la situación?!
Quiero recordarles los resultados de la votación de la Asamblea Catalán Nacional (el Parlamento de la región), que ha votado a favor de la separación de España y la formación de una República independiente: 70 votos “para”, 10 “en contra” y dos abstenciones. El encuentro finalizó con la ejecución del himno catalán y un llamado a los ciudadanos para que se reúnan cerca del edificio del Parlamento en el centro de Barcelona “para la protección de la República”.
Y el Senado de España, a su vez, aprobó el artículo 155 de la Constitución que priva a las autoridades regionales del poder: 214 votos “a favor”, 47 “en contra”, un senador se abstuvo.
Pero quiero señalar el hecho de que todos los líderes mundiales se pusieron del lado de Madrid y le expresaron su apoyo.
Por otra parte, los EE.UU. y la UE no sólo estaban de acuerdo con Madrid, en realidad piden a reaccionar rápidamente con el “problema catalán”: “Cataluña – es una parte integral de España y los Estados Unidos apoya las medidas constitucionales del gobierno español para preservar la España fuerte y unido “.
Pero el jefe del Parlamento Europeo, Antonio Tajani, está seguro de que nadie en la Unión Europea reconoce la declaración de independencia del Parlamento catalán que viola la constitución española y el marco legislativo de la UE.
Además, el habla amortiguado retirado de su cargo como jefe del gobierno catalán Carles Puchdemonta no es impulsador de confianza para los partidarios de la independencia: él llamó a una “resistencia democrática”. Pero qué es y cómo se verá esta resistencia en la realidad, no ha explicado. Su vicepresidente, Oriol Junqueras, admitió en un artículo del periódico local que en un futuro muy cercano el gobierno catalán anunciará sus decisiones, que no entenderán todos.
¿Pero asustó esto a los catalanes? Lo más interesante es no. A pesar de que esto es, por decirlo suavemente, destruye las perspectivas más brillantes, que ellos mismos han elaborado más recientemente – la doble nacionalidad española-catalán para los catalanes, la entrada de Cataluña a la UE y la OTAN, etc. A pesar de todo esto, ellos están bastante decididos – las banderas españolas cayeron ya al suelo.
Además, Madrid decidió utilizar el fin de semana para movilizar a sus seguidores, por lo que, en Barcelona, ​​al menos 1 millón de personas participaron en la acción contra la independencia de Cataluña. Los participantes corearon consignas “¡Viva España!”, “¡Viva Rey!” Y pidieron enviar Puigdemont y otros miembros del gobierno a la cárcel.
Creo que en los próximos días, los líderes del movimiento de independencia deben definir su estrategia: aceptar las condiciones del Madrid y otra vez pasar a través de la votación, o seguir el camino de la organización de la campaña de desobediencia civil para boicotear las elecciones, e incluso frustrar su celebración. La segunda forma amenaza a España con un conflicto prolongado civil y puede llevar a la guerra civil. Bueno, ¡espero que eso no llegue a esto!

Loss of autonomy or elections? Will the destiny of Catalonia resolved?

That is in doubt. After all, the “clever plan” of the Catalan leader put everyone at a dead end. He declared everywhere that he was ready to declare independence of the region, but on Madrid’s requests to confirm his statements and whether an act of independence was signed, Puigdemont did not react in any way. In turn, tomorrow Madrid threatens to apply Article 155 of the Constitution! In consequence, autonomy will be limited and leaders will be removed from power.
Of course, if the Catalan authorities today will not announce independence. In any case, a meeting of the regional parliament is planned, at which, as announced, within a few hours a decision will be made on further steps. Whether the independence is proclamed or not, is questioned?
Although in Barcelona, ​​there are calls for peacefully negotiate more often. As people have already understood, what can this separation cost. So, already more than 1300 companies have withdrawn their offices from the territory of Catalonia. For the budget of the region it is a hit hard, because taxes remain where the business is registered.
In addition, according to media reports, it became known that the authorities of Catalonia are planning to announce early regional elections, on December 20.
Apparently, Puigdemont wants to delay again, but for what reasons? As a result, the whole world is looking forward to the session of the parliament, which will be held at 16.00.

Who is Anna Maruny, who asks for the help of Catalonia?

Good evening, my dear readers! As promised, I tried to find out who the girl from the Catalan video “Help Catalonia.Save Europe!” is and as I assumed, she has to do with the United States. Let me remind you that a video message appeared recently in the network, filmed in Catalonia during clashes between opponents and supporters of the independence of the region. There a young girl from Catalonia talks in English about her view of the crisis in the autonomy. She states that “we, like European citizens, believe in values ​​such as democracy, freedom and human rights” and calls on Europe “to help Catalonia, to release it, before it’s too late.” This video reminds an Ukrainian video shot filmed during EuroMaidan in 2014, where activist Yulia Marushevska tells also in English, in the background of barricades and burning tires that the protesters “want to be free of dictatorship.” (Here you can read in detail my article, which compares these 2 videos) In that publication, I found out that the face of the Ukrainian video, Yulia Marushevska, has close ties with the United States. And now I’ll tell you about the second girl.
So who is the girl of the Catalan video, which excited recently the whole public?
This 26-year-old actress Anna Maruny Castillón, who was born in Girona, February 3, 1991, and grew up in a small area of ​​Spain – Bash-Emporda. She studied at such theatrical schools as el Institut del Teatre, la Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico Etria y Escuela de Artes Escénicas Coco Comín de Barcelona. But then she realized that she “spent more time in the theatre school Eòlia than in the university”. It is curious that Anna studied for a long time in the USA, in New York (the Stella Adler Actors Studio, the theatre company Saratoga International Theater Institute (SITI Company)). Apparently, in the United States during this time, she was taught everything “good”. Moreover, she even became a star there, since she starred in comedy horror “Zombie Pizza!” in 2014, which tells the story of a teenager who, after losing her father, decides to continue the family business-to carry pizza on a bicycle during the horror film “Apocalypse zombie”. The actress played the part of Adriana.
According to the Spanish media, Anna is also a member of the Association of Professional Actors and Directors of the autonomous community.
Anna Maruny speaks Spanish, Catalan, English and French very well. And as we see in the video, she is fluent in English, calling for the rescue of Catalonia, and thus Europe. And here again the traces of Soros, the American businessman, and his fund “Open Society Initiative for Europe” are clearly visible. Apparently, he also sponsored Òmnium Cultural, the director of this video message. Please note that it has already been repeatedly noted that this fund has financed public organizations that are in favor of Catalonia’s independence. Apparently, this case is also his handiwork.
This rascal actor of international politics and international relations, George Soros, leads us according to his planned scenario. Who will be next? until it’s unknown …
Sincerely, María García López.


Catalan separatists have copied the Ukrainian video of the times of Euromaidan

Good morning! The confrontation between Catalonia and Madrid because of the independence referendum motivated some Catalans to seek help and support in Europe. So, they created a propaganda video, which is very similar to the video message shot in Ukraine during the times of Euromaidan in 2014. In the video, which is called “I am Ukrainian”, activist Yulia Marushevska tires to tell us in English with tears in her eyes on the background of barricades and tyre fires that the protesters “want to be free of dictatorship”. Moreover, she urges Yanukovych not to “kill”, preaches “freedom and democracy.” In this video there are clashes between the police and civilians.
It is curious only that the video was filmed by the English photographer Graham Mitchell, and published by the American documentaryist Ben Moses. It is also interesting that Yulia Marushevska was a participant of the summer program of Harvard University, and from January to March 2015 she studied the state structure, political development, fighting corruption in the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law of Stanford University. Apparently, in the universities of the American metropolis – Harvard and Stanford – she was taught something “good”, and then in the colonial tradition was returned back to her homeland. All this confirms once again the intervention of Americans. And after all, I have repeatedly written in my publications about the participation of so-called “stakeholders” in shaking Europe, maybe they are doing it again?!
As a result, I can assume that the face of the Ukrainian video, Yulia Marushevska, has close ties with the United States. The American radio station “Voice of America” noted that this “emotional appeal” motivated thousands of Ukrainians to go outside. And given that the United States was the main sponsor of the Maidan and the Catalan video was shot in a similar style, I can assume that the USA was involved here, as confirmed by my previous publications.
And I don’t want this same American radio station to write the same thing about the Catalans, who are in favor of secession from Spain. And anyway, the girl in the Catalan video maybe be relevant to the US?! Obviously, the video “Help Catalonia: Save Europe” reminds Julia’s video. So, a young girl from Catalonia talks in English about her view of the crisis in the autonomy. She claims that the Spanish government “refuses any dialogue”, and the police use excessive force. “We are European citizens like you, and we need your help”, the girl said, urging us to share this information with friends and family. In addition, she states that “we, like European citizens, believe in values ​​such as democracy, freedom and human rights” and calls on Europe “to help Catalonia, to release it, before it’s too late”. The video is accompanied by footage from the demonstrations in Catalonia and the actions of the police.
Obviously, the events that take place today has a “director”, who leads them to the unknown end. And in my next publications I’ll try to find out who can be and can a girl in the Catalan clip be related to the US.

The video – https://youtu.be/vlfJeTlX7qg

Sincerely, María García López.

¿Qué le espera a España en el futuro?

¿Qué le espera a España en el futuro? ¿Será la guerra o las autoridades de España y de Cataluña podrán sentarse a la mesa de negociaciones y resolver este problema pacíficamente?! ¿Ahora hay muchas ideas en mi cabeza…me duele mucho por mi España, mi país natal.
Para solucionar este problema no hay ningún plan!
Nadie reconoce el referéndum celebrado el domingo, excepto los propios catalanes, así que a ellos ahora sólo hay que seguir defendiendo sus intereses nacionales. Sin embargo, al mismo tiempo, el referéndum puede considerarse “celebrado”, porque si antes algunos catalanes dudaron sobre la independencia, después de las bárbaras acciones de la Guardia Civil la decisión fue obvia.
No está claro todavía, si Cataluña declarará sobre la secesión de España, pero ayer, el 5 de octubre, el Tribunal Constitucional de España tomó la decisión de impedir que el parlamento de Cataluña llevara a cabo una sesión del 9 de octubre, en la cual se espera la proclamación de la independencia de Cataluña.
Cataluña trataba de demostrar su derecho a la independencia durante varios siglos. Podrán conseguirlo o no – el tiempo lo dirá, pero después del domingo, se puede decir que las relaciones de Barcelona y Madrid están rotas.
Espero escuchar más noticias sobre este tema, porque estoy muy preocupada por mi Patria. ¿Tenéis unos pensamientos e ideas sobre lo que le espera a España en un futuro cercano?

Who shakes Europe?

Good afternoon, my future followers of the blog! My name is María, and this is my first article where I try to explain why I’ve decided to start a blog. This article is a start for me on this new path, in this exciting sphere, because I got a desire not only to write and express my thoughts, but to describe some events.
The determined decision to start was the latest developments in my native country, in Spain, where there were disorders due to the Catalan independence referendum.
So, on the morning of October 1, the day of the announced referendum, the clashes with police were started and policemen took the control over the electoral districts, but Catalan pro-independence supporters protected them. The Spanish Civil Guard units were also sent to help the police. Reading all the news it makes me feel sad, because the police used force against civilians. As a result more than 850 persons were affected.
But the Catalans should only answer the following question: “Would you like Catalonia to become an independent state with a republican form of government?” The results of referendum were: a 42.34 per cent voter turnout, 2 020 144 voted in favour (90.09%), 176 565 voted against (8.04%).
As for me, I feel sorry for my native Spain, as this referendum jeopardizes the territorial integrity of the state! I think, the authorities of the Kingdom are obligated to do everything to find a common language with the Catalans and not to bring it to these radical measures. This catastrophe doesn’t occur in the state today, it happened much earlier.
As a result, I had a question, maybe behind all these events there is a third force, which wants to destroy the whole of Europe?! Because the incidents of chaos in Europe have increased, there is an endless stream of refugees, constant acts of terrorism and conflicts, war in Ukraine and, of course, the issue of Catalonia’s independence has become more acute.
And this question appeared when I was reading articles on the Internet in which, according to the Spanish media, George Soros, the famous American billionaire, may be one of the stakeholders in creating unrest in Europe and holding a referendum in Catalonia.
So, the Spanish lawyer and political scientist David Romero Diaz in an interview with “Sputnik Mundo”, expressed his confidence that “the Catalan independence fighters support the Western bloc”. According to Diaz, there are facts confirming the involvement of G.Soros in the Catalan conflict. Financial documents clarified the participating of Soros in making Spanish troubles. They were discovered by the Barcelona newspaper “La Vanguardia”. As Catalan journalists found out last year, that the Soros Foundation, “the Open Society Initiative for Europe”, known for its sympathy for the right, had sponsored public organizations advocating for the independence of Catalonia.
It may be assumed that the current events in Spain, the conflict in Ukraine, Brexit, the migration crisis in Europe are the links in the same chain to which it is directly related. All these events help him only in achieving his cherished objective, to destroy Europe and create a single nation there, which will be ruled by oligarchs of his level. But for this, he needs to destroy the national characteristics of Europeans, and, more simply, the countries of Europe!
In addition, he imposes a “gender ideology”, which assumes “the freedom of gender identity”: who imagines himself in the “gender” sense, who represents himself to the world. He supports abortion, legalization of marijuana and gay marriage. All contribute to the disappearance of any principles, orders and morals in people, which greatly facilitates the task of creating a managed European community.
This “interesting person” can stand behind the events in Catalonia. It seems to me, that the main task of the Spanish in this situation is not to respond to provocations and become an instrument for achieving goals in the hands of insane oligarchs pursuing their own interests!
My friends, this is my first article, so do not judge strictly. I was able to try to express my thoughts and tell why I’ve decided to become a blogger, and besides, it hurts me to watch events in my native Spain. I hope that you will like my style and content of the articles, as I would be very happy to share my worldview and discuss various topics with you. I say goodbye for the time, so, leave comments and ask questions, as I’m always glad to receive readers’ feedback.
Sincerely, María García López.