Who is Anna Maruny, who asks for the help of Catalonia?

Good evening, my dear readers! As promised, I tried to find out who the girl from the Catalan video “Help Catalonia.Save Europe!” is and as I assumed, she has to do with the United States. Let me remind you that a video message appeared recently in the network, filmed in Catalonia during clashes between opponents and supporters of the independence of the region. There a young girl from Catalonia talks in English about her view of the crisis in the autonomy. She states that “we, like European citizens, believe in values ​​such as democracy, freedom and human rights” and calls on Europe “to help Catalonia, to release it, before it’s too late.” This video reminds an Ukrainian video shot filmed during EuroMaidan in 2014, where activist Yulia Marushevska tells also in English, in the background of barricades and burning tires that the protesters “want to be free of dictatorship.” (Here you can read in detail my article, which compares these 2 videos) In that publication, I found out that the face of the Ukrainian video, Yulia Marushevska, has close ties with the United States. And now I’ll tell you about the second girl.
So who is the girl of the Catalan video, which excited recently the whole public?
This 26-year-old actress Anna Maruny Castillón, who was born in Girona, February 3, 1991, and grew up in a small area of ​​Spain – Bash-Emporda. She studied at such theatrical schools as el Institut del Teatre, la Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico Etria y Escuela de Artes Escénicas Coco Comín de Barcelona. But then she realized that she “spent more time in the theatre school Eòlia than in the university”. It is curious that Anna studied for a long time in the USA, in New York (the Stella Adler Actors Studio, the theatre company Saratoga International Theater Institute (SITI Company)). Apparently, in the United States during this time, she was taught everything “good”. Moreover, she even became a star there, since she starred in comedy horror “Zombie Pizza!” in 2014, which tells the story of a teenager who, after losing her father, decides to continue the family business-to carry pizza on a bicycle during the horror film “Apocalypse zombie”. The actress played the part of Adriana.
According to the Spanish media, Anna is also a member of the Association of Professional Actors and Directors of the autonomous community.
Anna Maruny speaks Spanish, Catalan, English and French very well. And as we see in the video, she is fluent in English, calling for the rescue of Catalonia, and thus Europe. And here again the traces of Soros, the American businessman, and his fund “Open Society Initiative for Europe” are clearly visible. Apparently, he also sponsored Òmnium Cultural, the director of this video message. Please note that it has already been repeatedly noted that this fund has financed public organizations that are in favor of Catalonia’s independence. Apparently, this case is also his handiwork.
This rascal actor of international politics and international relations, George Soros, leads us according to his planned scenario. Who will be next? until it’s unknown …
Sincerely, María García López.


Spain, Italy – who is next in this “parade of sovereignties”?

Passions over the recent plebiscite about the independence of Catalonia are running high, and the destiny of this autonomous community is still unknown. On Saturday, October 21, at an emergency meeting of the Spanish government, it was decided to apply 155 article of the Spanish Constitution, which allows to abolish the autonomous status of Catalonia. This decision must be finally approved by the Senate (Upper House) of the Spanish Parliament, whose meeting is scheduled for October 27. In turn, the Parliament of Catalonia can declare already independence of the region on October 26. What’s Puigdemont waiting for?! Maybe, when Madrid itself recognizes Catalan independence? I think, nevertheless, he is simply following a planned scenario, written by George Soros, an American billionaire.
I will assume that in Catalonia we are witnessing one of the stages of the transformation of the European Union into the so-called “Union of Regions”, in which the nation-states will be completely fragmented, and the center will be only one and will be located exactly in Brussels. Indeed, the Catalan separatists insist on the “European”, not on the national identity. Here we see the typical mechanism of the “color revolution” of Soros, especially as he was already caught in the process of financing Catalan nationalists.
Catalan separatism is not a struggle for national independence, but a struggle for the possibility of direct subordination of Catalonia to Brussels bureaucrats without mediators from Madrid. They want “more Europe and less Madrid,” that is, it’s not even a struggle for independence, but rather a separation of the region in favor of the European Commission. It is not by chance that the main supporter of increasing the influence of the European Commission and the dismantling of European nation states, George Soros, financed two Catalan organizations that played a key role in the struggle for Catalan pseudo-dependence. As “La Vanguardia” reported in 2016, Soros financed the Council of Public Diplomacy of Catalonia (Consell per la Diplomàcia Pública de Catalunya), an organization that actually serves as the Catalan “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” and is a tool for lobbying Catalan interests at the EU level, and also supported financially CIDOB (non-commercial organization), which plays the important role of a “brain”, working for Catalan politicians and separatists.
It is also important that in the conflict between Barcelona and Madrid, the sympathies of the American oligarch are clearly on the side of “pro-European separatists”. Most likely, it’s not even in Catalonia itself, but in creating a scheme that can be repeated in different European countries until the European Union becomes practically a single state controlled by no one elected European bureaucrats.
Let’s remember the terrorist attacks in Barcelona that should lead to the requirements for limiting uncontrolled migration to the European Union, but the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Catalonia, Raul Romeva, stated that “the problem was not migration,” but that “some people perceived this as a problem”, and also demanded to fight xenophobia, which caused just a storm of enthusiasm in American and British media. It should be noted that the British and American media are very pleased when a Catalan politician expresses the theses from the Soros method of tolerance and that African and Middle Eastern migrants are happiness for Europe, and not a reason for concern or for the closure of borders. Tolerance of Catalan politicians has reached a level that recent migrants support the independence of Catalonia. Another sign of truly “Soros” tolerance is that Barcelona is now one of the “centers of jihadist terrorism in Spain,” as the Canadian newspaper “Globe and Mail” said.
What is next?! Most likely, there will be the implementation in practice of a typical “Gandhi-style” strategy that involves careful design of the victim’s image and at the same time creates conditions under which any violence or punishment of political activists turns into serious image losses for the authorities. If President Puigdemont announced immediately independence “here and now,” he would be immediately arrested, and in the eyes of the public and the international community this would look quite an adequate response. Now it turns out that there is independence, but it does not seem to exist, and any violence or punitive operations by the Spanish authorities will look like an act of unmotivated cruelty. So, step by step, the Catalan separatists will “press” Madrid to achieve the goal – the intervention of the European Commission as a mediator, and from there to the actual collapse of Spain and the launch of a chain reaction in other European countries.
So, while Catalonia is recovering from the actions of American oligarchs, yesterday, October 22, in Italy, Veneto and Lombardy held referendums. Although we are not talking about the complete separation of regions, they did it only to achieve greater autonomy. More precisely, Lombardy and Veneto want to save a large share of financial resources, reducing the so-called “residual tax”, that is, the gap between the taxes paid by the region and the state funds received for regional development. But this may already be another signal of intervention by the same American oligarch, George Soros. I wonder who will be next in his list?

Catalan separatists have copied the Ukrainian video of the times of Euromaidan

Good morning! The confrontation between Catalonia and Madrid because of the independence referendum motivated some Catalans to seek help and support in Europe. So, they created a propaganda video, which is very similar to the video message shot in Ukraine during the times of Euromaidan in 2014. In the video, which is called “I am Ukrainian”, activist Yulia Marushevska tires to tell us in English with tears in her eyes on the background of barricades and tyre fires that the protesters “want to be free of dictatorship”. Moreover, she urges Yanukovych not to “kill”, preaches “freedom and democracy.” In this video there are clashes between the police and civilians.
It is curious only that the video was filmed by the English photographer Graham Mitchell, and published by the American documentaryist Ben Moses. It is also interesting that Yulia Marushevska was a participant of the summer program of Harvard University, and from January to March 2015 she studied the state structure, political development, fighting corruption in the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law of Stanford University. Apparently, in the universities of the American metropolis – Harvard and Stanford – she was taught something “good”, and then in the colonial tradition was returned back to her homeland. All this confirms once again the intervention of Americans. And after all, I have repeatedly written in my publications about the participation of so-called “stakeholders” in shaking Europe, maybe they are doing it again?!
As a result, I can assume that the face of the Ukrainian video, Yulia Marushevska, has close ties with the United States. The American radio station “Voice of America” noted that this “emotional appeal” motivated thousands of Ukrainians to go outside. And given that the United States was the main sponsor of the Maidan and the Catalan video was shot in a similar style, I can assume that the USA was involved here, as confirmed by my previous publications.
And I don’t want this same American radio station to write the same thing about the Catalans, who are in favor of secession from Spain. And anyway, the girl in the Catalan video maybe be relevant to the US?! Obviously, the video “Help Catalonia: Save Europe” reminds Julia’s video. So, a young girl from Catalonia talks in English about her view of the crisis in the autonomy. She claims that the Spanish government “refuses any dialogue”, and the police use excessive force. “We are European citizens like you, and we need your help”, the girl said, urging us to share this information with friends and family. In addition, she states that “we, like European citizens, believe in values ​​such as democracy, freedom and human rights” and calls on Europe “to help Catalonia, to release it, before it’s too late”. The video is accompanied by footage from the demonstrations in Catalonia and the actions of the police.
Obviously, the events that take place today has a “director”, who leads them to the unknown end. And in my next publications I’ll try to find out who can be and can a girl in the Catalan clip be related to the US.

The video – https://youtu.be/vlfJeTlX7qg

Sincerely, María García López.

The European Union as the cause of separatism

Good afternoon! I will continue to write about Catalonia, because the events that are taking place there worry the whole world. And I want to share my ideas with you about a possible reason of the current situation.
Recently, the countries of Europe with a complex ethnic administrative system begin one after another not only to fall like a house of cards, but to have very serious additional burdens and difficulties. Now we see it on the example of Spain. I will assume you that the fact of the existence of the European Union and the long-term prospects of joining it as a separate state can provoke separatist sentiments in Catalonia, and not only there. I’ll try to explain why.
Big states provide certain regions, like Catalonia, with certain bonuses in the economic, financial and political spheres that would be prohibitive for these regions as for individual countries.
However, the growing influence of supranational organizations (for example, the EU) and multilateral treaties leads to the fact that many of these bonuses can be obtained as a separate small country. It is enough to enter a supranational entity or sign a multilateral treaty. This temptation can affect the alignment of regional forces. Ultimately, this is likely to lead to an increase in decentralization. But their ignoring of centrifugal tendencies threatens only the growth of tension, which can lead to open conflicts and the disintegration of states.
I would also like to remind you that the reason for demanding the independence of Catalonia was the financial crisis in Spain, in fact, the refusal of the central government to give Barcelona 5 billion euros for social programs. And the main idea of ​​Catalan separatism, of course, lies deeper than the supposed “cultural oppression” of Madrid – it is the reluctance of the rich province to share money with the poorer part of Spain. Catalonia remains annually in a minus from such transfers for the sum of 16 billion euro. Thus, the debt crisis only strengthens the position of separatist movements in Europe.
So it turns out that the existence of the EU provokes the regions for separatism. Why live in Spain if you can leave it, but stay in the EU, with its market, rules, but with your own taxes, etc?! In light of this, it can be assumed that regional separatism will only increase as the European Union consolidates and centralizes.

Who shakes Europe?

Good afternoon, my future followers of the blog! My name is María, and this is my first article where I try to explain why I’ve decided to start a blog. This article is a start for me on this new path, in this exciting sphere, because I got a desire not only to write and express my thoughts, but to describe some events.
The determined decision to start was the latest developments in my native country, in Spain, where there were disorders due to the Catalan independence referendum.
So, on the morning of October 1, the day of the announced referendum, the clashes with police were started and policemen took the control over the electoral districts, but Catalan pro-independence supporters protected them. The Spanish Civil Guard units were also sent to help the police. Reading all the news it makes me feel sad, because the police used force against civilians. As a result more than 850 persons were affected.
But the Catalans should only answer the following question: “Would you like Catalonia to become an independent state with a republican form of government?” The results of referendum were: a 42.34 per cent voter turnout, 2 020 144 voted in favour (90.09%), 176 565 voted against (8.04%).
As for me, I feel sorry for my native Spain, as this referendum jeopardizes the territorial integrity of the state! I think, the authorities of the Kingdom are obligated to do everything to find a common language with the Catalans and not to bring it to these radical measures. This catastrophe doesn’t occur in the state today, it happened much earlier.
As a result, I had a question, maybe behind all these events there is a third force, which wants to destroy the whole of Europe?! Because the incidents of chaos in Europe have increased, there is an endless stream of refugees, constant acts of terrorism and conflicts, war in Ukraine and, of course, the issue of Catalonia’s independence has become more acute.
And this question appeared when I was reading articles on the Internet in which, according to the Spanish media, George Soros, the famous American billionaire, may be one of the stakeholders in creating unrest in Europe and holding a referendum in Catalonia.
So, the Spanish lawyer and political scientist David Romero Diaz in an interview with “Sputnik Mundo”, expressed his confidence that “the Catalan independence fighters support the Western bloc”. According to Diaz, there are facts confirming the involvement of G.Soros in the Catalan conflict. Financial documents clarified the participating of Soros in making Spanish troubles. They were discovered by the Barcelona newspaper “La Vanguardia”. As Catalan journalists found out last year, that the Soros Foundation, “the Open Society Initiative for Europe”, known for its sympathy for the right, had sponsored public organizations advocating for the independence of Catalonia.
It may be assumed that the current events in Spain, the conflict in Ukraine, Brexit, the migration crisis in Europe are the links in the same chain to which it is directly related. All these events help him only in achieving his cherished objective, to destroy Europe and create a single nation there, which will be ruled by oligarchs of his level. But for this, he needs to destroy the national characteristics of Europeans, and, more simply, the countries of Europe!
In addition, he imposes a “gender ideology”, which assumes “the freedom of gender identity”: who imagines himself in the “gender” sense, who represents himself to the world. He supports abortion, legalization of marijuana and gay marriage. All contribute to the disappearance of any principles, orders and morals in people, which greatly facilitates the task of creating a managed European community.
This “interesting person” can stand behind the events in Catalonia. It seems to me, that the main task of the Spanish in this situation is not to respond to provocations and become an instrument for achieving goals in the hands of insane oligarchs pursuing their own interests!
My friends, this is my first article, so do not judge strictly. I was able to try to express my thoughts and tell why I’ve decided to become a blogger, and besides, it hurts me to watch events in my native Spain. I hope that you will like my style and content of the articles, as I would be very happy to share my worldview and discuss various topics with you. I say goodbye for the time, so, leave comments and ask questions, as I’m always glad to receive readers’ feedback.
Sincerely, María García López.