Does Germany really need Spain?

It would be interesting to know, what to expect from a new agreement between Germany and Spain, and for what reason Merkel tries to establish a closer relationship with Sánchez?
Generally speaking, the Prime Minister of Spain was the first who concluded a bilateral agreement with Germany on taking back illegal refugees. And now, anyone who has already applied for asylum in Spain, but later arrives at the German border, can be sent back there within 48 hours.
Perhaps, this is due to the fact that Spain is one of the few EU countries where none of the populist parties is a part of the government. It makes Spain an important ally of Germany.
Or, maybe, does Merkel think that if Madrid supported her on the migration issue, now Sánchez will do it in all the issues of foreign policy?
In fact, Spanish society and the government showed compassion for migrants and at the same time pointed to the realities of the border countries that have to accept them. I believe, it’s time to call all the EU countries for solidarity, since the resolution of the migration crisis is the main task of the EU in the short term. And although now the Spanish prime minister expressed full support for the migration policy of Merkel, once Madrid will cease to like being the main country hosting migrants…
I consider, the European Union should join forces in resolving the issue of illegal migrants. Let’s see how this problem will be solved in the near future, but an informal summit on the issues of “internal security” and “control of illegal migration” will take place in Salzburg on 20th of September. There will be a strong focus on guarding external borders rather than establishing a quota system for the distribution of refugees within the EU. Furthermore, a possible extension of the Frontex mandate and the ability of the EU countries to cope with consequences of the migration crisis will be discussed.

Italy: Soros is involved in the migration crisis of Europe

It is not the first time we hear that it was the US billionaire George Soros is involved in creating a migration crisis in Europe.

And nowadays, this crisis has reached such proportions that the Italian authorities have decided to strengthen external borders to reduce the flow of illegal migrants from Africa to Italy and the EU.
So, the other day the Italian Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, suggested that George Soros was involved in creating migration chaos in Europe, in particular in Italy.

According to him, the US billionaire “supports non-governmental organizations dealing with the delivery of illegal migrants from Libyan territorial waters to Italy, and wants to turn Italy and the rest of Europe into a refugee camp. Because he likes slaves”.

Let me remind you that earlier the Hungarian government also accused the American business magnate of Hungarian origin of the desire to “flood” Europe with refugees.
Unfortunately, the financing of the migration crisis in the EU continues. Today in the countries of Africa there is an extremely unstable situation, and the US billionaire will try to cynically use it as a further impetus to increase the migration flow to the countries of the European Union and Italy, in particular.

By 2050, it is expected that the population of African countries will exceed 2.5 billion, and most of these people will live in slums. That means that the number of refugees in the EU countries will only increase … and if the states do not take radical measures, all these actions of George Soros will only lead to the collapse of the European Union.

 Obviously, the topic of migration is one of the main problems of Europe, and apparently, one of those that is very far from a solution …

Useless #presidency of #Bulgaria in the #EU

Everyone knows that since January 1 Bulgaria has become the president of the European Union (EU). But it is yet unclear how it will play an important role for the union within six months during Brexit and the migration crisis… After all, the country is one of the poorest countries in the EU, moreover, it occupies the last place in the EU in terms of per capita GDP. But in the ranking of the most corrupt European countries, Bulgaria, on the contrary, takes a leading position.
Why the EU needs such president if the European Commission even allocated about 40 officials to help in presidency in the Council of the European Union?! The country, which is still under the supervision of Brussels, will have to solve the most difficult tasks: from “Brexit” to the EU financial agreement, from the migration crisis to the general European defense capability, and the list is quite impressive. Moreover, it is necessary to solve such serious problems for Europe as ensuring the unity of the EU member states against the backdrop of a split on migration policy and the rule of law in Poland.
Sofia aims to support the integration of the Western Balkans to the European Union. But how a country with a high level of corruption and organized crime will be able to become an example for such states?! In general, does the EU need countries like Bulgaria? It is believed that the EU is a bastion of well-being, but it turns out that economically backward, corrupt and poor countries are trying to join it.
During its presidency, Bulgaria will lead all ministerial meetings of European officials, except meetings of foreign ministers, and be responsible for the agenda of the EU Council meetings. And I think that the poorest member of the EU will be difficult to organize high-level meetings: it is expected that 300 meetings will be held in the country and 1,500 summit meetings in Strasbourg and Brussels.
In my opinion, the EU presidency is a very difficult task for Bulgaria. How can the leadership, which can not understand within its state and solve such serious problems as corruption, crime and poverty, propose, argue and implement important policy decisions for the EU and Europe?

The realities of modern #Libya: #terrorists, #slaves, #poverty

In the middle of October the mass-media published a video with the scenes of slave trades in Libya. It caused many disturbances in Western and African countries and in the UN.
The standard price for one slave became known – only a few hundred dollars. They sell refugees from Central African countries, who tried to leave for Europe.
In the video we can see the life of the slave market in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. Apparently, these scenes became quiet ordinary because it happens openly. The owner of this slave auction sets the value and enumerates all advantages of prisoners. He mentions very often their ability for hard physical labor:
“Does anybody need a digger? This is a big strong man, he will dig very well!”, the salesman says in the market of slaves in Tripoli, praising up the muscular man. The buyers are gradually raising the price. The result is 600 Libyan dinars (about $440 at the official rate). This man sold into slavery passes into the hands of new owners.
And there is another situation on this video: “800, 900, 1000, 1100, sold for 1200 Libyan dinars” (the equivalent of $800), says the auction leader. This Nigerian was put up for sale as “a big strong man, fit for farm work.”
This scene seems to be insane for the 21st century, but it is quite common in Libyan cities.
And the scheme of turning people into slaves is also quite simple. A migrant from Africa turns to the carrier and pays him a certain amount of money for traveling to Europe. As a rule, from three to five thousand dollars. Refugees give the last. When a migrant enters Libya, he is informed that not enough money that he paid, you need more, and in general, no one has guaranteed anything to the illegal immigrant. If the refugee refuses to pay and insists on its, demanding compliance with the agreements, he is beaten or raped. After this, people are usually put up for sale.
Unfortunately, the video does not give us an answer to the question of who exactly the organizers of the slave trade are. Probably, “business” is engaged by paramilitary groups that control most of the country. After the overthrow of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, the armed gangs who replaced the central government took control of the illegal traffic of people from the least developed countries of Africa through the Mediterranean. After all, the general track of such illegal migration lies today through Libya.
In my opinion, the main reason of this situation is the air operation carried out in 2011 by the NATO aggressor countries (the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy) against the government of Libya and its leader M. Gaddafi. The air strikes of the alliance led to massive destruction of the Libyan military and civilian infrastructure – ports, highways, airports, hospitals, power stations and houses. Because of this, the economy of one of the richest countries in the region was destroyed. Thus, military actions destroyed completely the prosperous country, turning it into a country that broke up into several territories controlled by different groups. The oil-rich regions were in the hands of extremists. The population lives at risk of poverty. We can say that Libya as a united country ceased to exist. Therefore, there are continuing wars. People leave cities every day, but more refugees and new victims are appearing every time.
Although Gaddafi was not the best leader in terms of international law, but there was order in the country. He did not allow terrorist groups to enter his country, the slave trade was punishable by death. It was after the deportation of Gaddafi to Libya that international terrorists rushed in mass order. Their influence on the domestic political situation in the country continues to remain serious. If a victory over the terrorists is coming in Syria, but it is impossible to say about Libya. Probably, from Syria, the ISIL fighters will go to Libya with the aim of regrouping, resting, reinforcing troops. I won’t hide, at the end of September a chief investigator at the Tripoli state prosecutor’s office, Sadiq al-Sur, has already said that the IS training camps are in the Libyan desert. After all, South Libya, with its vast, uncontrolled territories, is the main route of migration from sub-Saharan Africa to northern Libya and to Europe. As a result, ISIL can easily get there recruitment, enlistment, or simply intimidating refugees.
In turn, European countries do not provide any practical assistance in overcoming the Libyan crisis. Washington, London, Paris and Rome wanted to establish their own order during the attack on Libya in 2011, they promised to establish democracy, without thinking what will happen in the future. And finally what they got ?! The slave trade, a transit point not only for African illegal immigrants seeking to enter Europe, but also for ISIL militants. I hope that the countries of Europe and the United States have already realized their mistake and will begin to take some actions to improve the current situation in the country where for several hundred US dollars one can buy a person ….

German authorities “lost” 30 thousand refugees

Good morning everyone! The theme of the migration crisis is still topical. After all, the number of people arriving in Europe from the countries of Africa and the Middle East is only increasing. But yesterday, October 2, it turned out that the German authorities did not know anything about where there were more than 30,000 people who had been refused asylum and were subject to expulsion. Although according to the government, at the end of December 2016, 54 thousand 437 people were deported from Germany. However, according to the Federal Statistical Office, in 2016 only 23 thousand 617 of them received benefits. The authorities had no information on the location of the remaining 30 thousand 820 people. Is Germany not able to control the situation of refugees on its own territory?!
And, after all, the German Chancellor most of all invited migrants to her country. In addition, speaking at a press conference in Berlin, she said: “I’m glad that for many people abroad Germany is associated with hope.” This behavior of German Chancellor Angela Merkel provoked the influx of refugees into the EU. After all, migrants follow the appeal of responsible European politicians. They all believe in the promise of the opportunity to live in Europe. But, apparently, these are just statements… Merkel, perhaps, understood the coming nightmare that can drop from the clouds. Or this country began to understand that a large number of migrants could really threaten the security of the country?!
In addition, everyone probably understood that migrants would integrate into European society for several generations, and their massive influx into Europe could have dire consequences. We all see that every day Islamic aggression is only growing and becomes deadly dangerous for the whole of European civilization. We need only to wait that the leadership of the alliance will start to solve this global problem, otherwise the EU people are expecting far from the best times.