Trump remembers the Holocaust, but forgets about Europe

On May 9, 2018, the US President Donald Trump signed Law 447 or JUST (Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today). It is interesting that this happened the day after the celebration of VE Day of the surrender of Germany in 1945.
In the communique, the White House said that the law required a report on the actions of certain countries with regard to the disposition of Holocaust era assets. The presence of such property in 46 countries must be reported to Congress by the US Secretary of State in 18 months. If this is not possible to determine any direct descendants, then the objects will be transferred to organizations that conduct Holocaust studies.
The law 447 does not mention any countries. And this document does not give any special powers to the USA. However, this law caused the greatest reaction in Poland. One of the founders of the Polish Conservative and Liberal Party Union of Real Politics, a professor at the Higher School of International Relations and American Studies in Warsaw, Stanisław Michalkiewicz said: “On May 9, 2018, Poland finally lost the Second World War … Now the Poles should pay 300 billion dollars to the Jews for the fact that they were killed by the Germans”. It was a cry of the soul in response to the law JUST. The Polish President Andrzej Duda expressed his fears that “this law might in some way pose a threat that would directed against Poland”.
Such actions of the United States can greatly complicate relations between Washington and the European allies, and this time it happens to Warsaw. And this, despite the fact that Poland presents the US interests in Europe, and after Brexit it was seen as the main representative of the USA in the European Union. But even with such important partners, the USA are ready to confront for their own reasons.
Earlier Washington withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal and moved the embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. These actions of the US officials (especially the situation concerning Iran) caused misunderstanding and criticism of US partners in Europe. However, the White House does not pay attention to this.
Anyway, all the above-mentioned actions of the USA concern Israel. And they committed to please the Israeli side. So, why does Trump strive so actively to please Israel? There can be several answers. And one of the assumptions might sound like this: Donald Trump hopes that these actions will not be ignored by the influential Jewish clans of the USA and they will help him to avoid the impeachment. The threat of the impeachment of the 45th US President continues to exist and it is clear to everyone, including himself. Democrats and a part of the Republicans are just waiting for Trump’s new mistakes. Therefore, all these actions are aimed at seeking support from Soros, Rothschilds and other representatives of a powerful Jewish office in the United States.
It turns out that Donald Trump is just afraid of losing his presidency. And all these actions, which can inflict significant damage to the European and world security, are aimed at preserving its place in the White House. It becomes obvious that the current US power is even more unpredictable than it seemed. And in their personal interests it can go on deteriorating relations with long-term partners.





#Germany dictates its rules in the #EU

The other day the German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen proposed to abandon the unanimous decision-making procedure in the EU Council. Von der Leyen said that this principle makes it easy to achieve its goals for those who want to make an outside splitting in the EU, and the transition to a majority vote on foreign policy issues will instantly respond to crises and speak with one European voice.
Let me remind you that the current system allows any member country of the bloc to block the adoption of joint decisions. Apparently, this is the concern of the German government, which in the absence of the outgoing British bloc intends to lead not only in European economy and finance, but also in foreign policy. It is not difficult to guess that France will support Germany in the matter of voting. After all, the change in the voting procedure is dictated by the desire of the EU leaders to take control of the EU’s foreign policy, which, in their opinion, should not become a victim of the whims of small countries.
A simple majority – it is for this and it is necessary that no one, no matter how high in his country he climbs, would not break away from the European collective. But here you can see both favorable and negative consequences. Let’s say Poland wants to collect reparations from the Germans for World War II … Already wants, but so far she is alone. And if it hits the whole of Eastern Europe, then others will also catch up. And then what will Berlin do with this majority ?!
And although in recent times Europe has not been able to take a single unanimous decision on major foreign policy issues, Germany is trying to improve the situation through a qualified majority. I think this will not improve the situation in any way, but will only lead to the collapse of the European Union. After all, the EU member states will now take decisions against Berlin’s wishes. And in general, small Baltic countries and Poland are unlikely to agree to surrender their sovereignty and renounce the right of veto …

For the first time in the history of the EU: Poland is deprived of the right to vote

The patience of the European bureaucracy has burst. The European Commission decided to impose sanctions on Poland for the deviation from established democratic norms by the authorities of the country. Earlier Warsaw decided to reform the judicial system, effectively subordinating it to the legislature. According to the European Commission, the reform in Poland subordinates the judiciary to politicians and the rule of law is violated.
Further steps concerning Poland will be discussed at the plenary session of the European Parliament, which will be held on February 28. If the European Parliament at the plenary session approves the imposition of sanctions, then Warsaw will temporarily lose the right to vote in the Council of the EU, that will be an unprecedented case in the history of the European Union.
The decision will be made if it is approved by at least 22 of the 27 member countries of the European Union, except, in fact, Poland. At the same time, for the deprivation of Warsaw’s right to vote in the Council of Europe, the unanimous statement of the EU Summit is necessary: ​​it must state that there is a “serious and persistent” violation of the EU values ​​by the Polish authorities.
It is still difficult to imagine the expulsion of Poland and its deprivation of the right to vote in the Council of the EU, because the country will receive support from the countries of the Visegrad Group, which collectively oppose the EU migration policy. Thus, Hungary has already announced its intention to support Poland and vote against the imposition of sanctions.
Considering all of the above, we can add that such actions by the EU may offend Poland. It is not excluded that the country will try to create its alliance among the countries of the Visegrad Group.
Thus, Poland can lead to a serious split of the European Union. After all, Warsaw does not want to obey the rules of others, it only establishes its own. But only a single union will be able to withstand global problems, which there are many at the present time. In turn, Europe only weakens each time …

The problems of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland: sexual harassment and pedophilia

Writing my article about sexual harassment against women, I found several materials about the most recent such cases. One of them will be devoted to this article. It will not be about Hollywood stars and Olympic champions, but about a Polish girl who serves in the Armed Forces of Poland. She protects her fellow citizens from external threats, but in fact herself needs protection.
A few days ago the Polish edition of reported that Corporal Anna was reinstated to the service by the decision of the Minister of Defense Mariusz Błaszczak. Since September 2016, she served in the military police of the Masovian Voivodeship, but in December 2017 she was fired while on sick leave. For official reasons, she was dismissed because of incompliance current with her position.
However, she said, it was the revenge of the command that she openly opposed sexual harassment and psychological pressure from her commanding officers. Corporal Anna constantly received vulgar sms on the phone, and also the battalion commander Lieutenant Colonel S. attempts to make physically influence.
In the middle of last year, she sent an official letter to the former Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz. In October, the same Polish edition told about this history. However, the Polish Army Command failed to act in her defence. The letter was returned to the military police. And two months later she was informed of her dismissal from service.
To date, M. Błaszczak reinstated her in the service. However, hearings on her case in the court in Warsaw will continue. The next meeting is scheduled for February. And, by the way, Lieutenant Colonel S. still serves.
And it seems to me that there are a lot of such stories, but not all women are ready to say it. However, it seems to me that silence only aggravates the situation. It is necessary to speak about this, that such S. should be punished.
But this is not the worst thing that I found when studying Polish media with the help of online translators, of course. It turns out in July 2017, it became known about the dismissal from the Polish Armed Forces of Colonel Robert Orlovski who was suspected of pedophilia. He was caught when he went on a date with a 14-year-old girl. As a result, he got off only by dismissal and relocation to the personnel reserve.
I think that such incidents occur not only in Poland. And I’m glad that the Polish press has the courage to sound such things, which can damage the international image of the country.
P.S. I would be very grateful to my readers if you send me messages or links to materials about such cases. The more people will know about them, the more likely that the guilty will be punished. I am sure that together we can make the life of women safer.

Instead of #GreatBritain will be the #Balkans

Lately Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov declared that the Balkans could replace Great Britain, leaving the EU. He said it giving a lecture in the University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria). He thinks this is real and this theme has already been accepted to discuss.
Such a statement is another proof that the forces controlling a range of processes can gradually change. Brexit was the reason for the division of influence within the EU. Perhaps this is not a hot news, but it is an actual topic for reasoning. Especially in the shadow of the fact that Sofia will hold the presidency of the Union in the first half of 2018.
Boyko Borisov says that the Balkans will be able to replace Britain and probably he sees his country in the main role in that. This is a commendable statement before his own electorate. But how countries with the weakest economies of Europe, even if they are united by one idea and goal, will be able to replace the leading country, whose economy is ranked sixth globally. I think this is not realistic. Great Britain can not be replaced. Great Britain occupied an important place in the European Union.
However, such statements create conditions for disruption of situation in the EU. You can remember that Bulgaria supports the abolishment of open – door policy. On November 21, the Bulgarian President Ramen Rudev said it in a meeting with the President of European Parliament Antonio Tajani. On October 5, the Bulgarian President, while on a visit to Poland, supported Warsaw’s policy regarding the refusal to admit refugees in accordance with quotas. The Bulgarian leadership believes that it is necessary to support the development of efforts to improve the living conditions in the countries of Africa and the Middle East. Thus, on the eve of the European presidency, Bulgaria ranks one with states that refused to implement the decisions of the EU leadership on the distribution of refugees (like as Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, etc.).
We can assume that this situation is beneficial to Poland. Warsaw has tried to become leader for a long time and needs allies in promoting its ideas. And the aggressive behavior of Poland towards the EU partners is not surprising . And the recent Bulgarian-Polish meetings show that there is an agreement on many topical issues between countries. It’s possible that Hungary will join these countries. The Hungarian leadership position also runs counter to the Brussels view on many issues. Let’s not forget about the Balkans. Countries in this region often feel resentful because they are not heard. All these states have their ambitions and desires, the achievement of which can lead to negative consequences for the European Union.

The collapse of #Europe: the ideas of #separatism prevail

Good afternoon, dear readers! In the Old World, the ideas of seperatism are increasing day by day. For most people, Europe is associated with integrity and well-being. However, that is not quite true. After all, thousands of residents of this most “prosperous” Europe are willing to re-examine the borders of their states, or at least get more autonomy.
A striking example is Catalonia, which fights so fiercely for its independence. I believe that Catalan separatism is not just a struggle for national independence, but the struggle for the possibility of direct subordination of Catalonia to the bureaucrats of Brussels without mediators of Madrid, they want “more Europe and less Madrid.” Most likely, it can even be called a separation from the European Commission. It’s no coincidence that the main advocate of strengthening the European Commission’s influence and dismantling European nation states, George Soros, finances two Catalan organizations that play a key role in the struggle for Catalan pseudo-independence. And I’ve already written about this in my article. I think the Catalan example was contagious for territories like Italy and France not for a reason.
Just recently, on October 22, the referendums in Italy, in Veneto and Lombardy, were held. Although it was not a question of complete separation of the regions, only the vote for getting more autonomy. In turn, 95% of the interviewed supported the idea of ​​autonomy. I think that this famous American oligarch was also involved here. In addition, France is likely be the next in his list.
So, a few days ago it became known that New Caledonia (France), intended to hold a referendum on secession and gaining sovereignty in 2018. I want to note that the separation can seriously hit the archipelago, since the association with France, one of the central European countries, is access to high technologies and the most advanced developments in the field of economics. Moreover, the archipelago produces nickel, and still there are deposits of manganese, cobalt, chromium and other ores.
That’s right, Americans are quietly shaking Europe, causing another burst of separatism. And the European Union, meanwhile, stayed away from these events. Apparently, the EU doesn’t defend longer basic political and human rights.
Apparently, the restraint of the European Union and its members is due to the fact that frozen problems with individual regions exist in many countries. In the same Belgium, the richer region of Flanders declared many times the desire to get more autonomy, and its radical political wing – even complete independence. I think, in view of the ongoing government crises, to start the process of “divorce” in Belgium, it will be enough to help the former Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, who fled there in late October, at the end of the separation process, as they immediately begin to pursue their policy on independence.
There are many questions in this field even in Poland – where the residents of Silesia want to get more autonomy. While they are only asking for national recognition and some autonomy, it is not known how they will behave if they are not be heard …
I think that the problem of separatism in the world is largely “fueled” by the double standards of the countries of the West (where some are fighting for independence and others are trying to prevent it), as well as contradictions that are hiding in the basic documents of the UN. In order to stop fierce political battles throughout the world, I believe it is time for members of the United Nations to begin negotiating what is meant by the “right to self-determination” and “territorial integrity” and how to reconcile each other these two conflicting principles. The formulating rules of the game in this matter will make the whole world calmer. Otherwise, these American billionaires will take advantage of this “parade of sovereignties” and adjust themselves to disunited European countries and newly formed regions.