Who should take refugees in Europe?

The number of illegal refugees seeking to enter the EU countries is growing every day, but, unfortunately, the number of EU countries refusing to accept migrants is growing with it. Let me remind you that the new Minister of the Interior of Italy Matteo Salvini refused to accept the vessel with illegal migrants (629 people), thus provoking a violent reaction to the EU. Fortunately, two days later Spain decided to accept these people on board in Valencia.
Europe is going through the most serious migration crisis, caused by a number of armed conflicts and economic problems in the countries of Africa and the Middle East. And so far, one of the main problems remains unresolved: Who should save and host the migrants who have suffered the disaster?
It turns out that according to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the captains of vessels should assist people at risk at sea. But what should happen after people are saved, and how this should be solved from a legal point of view, is not clearly stated in the document. So, no country is obliged to give permission to land on its shore to people on board a vessel that has been wrecked.
Most likely, Salvini’s decision will give a new impetus to the reform of the European asylum system. One of the compromise solutions may be an agreement to show solidarity with countries along the borders of the EU and share a burden of responsibility with Italy, Greece or Bulgaria. But how this will happen, the EU member states themselves must decide. In 2016, the European Commission has already made a number of proposals. So far none of them have been realized …
I hope that this time Europe will still be able to find a compromise – and right-wing populists who came to power in some EU countries will not be able to prevent it. After all, even the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who opposes the adoption of refugees by Europe, agreed to consider financial support.
While the EU countries are discussing the adoption and distribution of refugees, migrants are changing their usual routes. And nowadays the popular place is Spain. Here in recent months there has been an increased flow of migrants trying to get to Europe via the Mediterranean. In this situation, the proposal of the Spanish government to take in Valencia people who are aboard the vessel MS Aquarius was a nice gesture. But not all are going to follow the example of Spain.
I think that many are concerned about the decision of the Italian authorities on Aquarius. Since they clearly run counter to international norms and risk creating a dangerous situation for all countries. Therefore, it is time to regulate the standards for granting asylum and to ensure that all EU countries take part in this.


2018 is a difficult year for the #EU

By the end of 2017, we can say that the EU had a tendency to disintegrate. And it’s not connected only with Brexit and the Catalan crisis in Spain.
First of all, the stability of the internal political situation is again under threat in the so-called “motor” of the EU – Germany, where during four months the talks on the government coalition following the results of the September elections to the Bundestag first renewed, but then again failed. And although in early 2018 the CDU / CSU and SPD started a new round of negotiations, it is still designated “deadline”, April 1. But the problem is that according to public opinion polls, a new vote between Christian Democrats and Social Democrats will lead to the same impasse as in September. After all, it was this “big coalition” that rules in Germany for two of the three terms of Angela Merkel as federal chancellor. But in 2017, the Social Democrats rested and refused to cooperate with the CDU / CSU. And now they changed their minds again.
At the same time, it is easy to see behind these vicissitudes the same split of the Western elites and their internal struggles. After all, Europe is still fundamentally not sovereign and is the actual sphere of influence of the United States, which exercises control through the institutions of NATO, and the Council of Europe.
Secondly, Emmanuel Macron, came to power in the spring of 2017 in France, changed the emphasis in the most European policy and perspective. Economic leadership of Germany, especially in the conditions of constant instability in this country, threatens to transform into a military one. And go to France as the only European nuclear power. In addition, because of numerous ambiguities in politics, Merkel’s position, openly played by influential conceptual and business circles related to the Rothschild clan, whose promoter is Macron, is rapidly and sharply weakened.
Let us remember the events in Catalonia – a part of this scenario, discovered by George Soros in his time around the Eurobond project: then it was said that Germany either should consolidate and assume all European debts, or dissolve the EU. It is indicative that recent studies by German defense ministry experts have revealed that in three of the six scenarios for the development of the situation in the EU there is no “common future” for Europe, and it will collapse.
Although, in turn, the Catalan precedent has clearly shown that the global oligarchy headed by the Rothschilds is not against a single Europe, but for expanding its own control over integration processes.
In the beginning of the year, Brussels has to resolve a number of internal political issues, including the migration problem, which France and several countries of Eastern and Central Europe have already tightened control over. Even Germany, which willingly welcomed refugees and helped them, is concerned about the possibility that because of the new rules for granting asylum in the European Union, Germany had to accept many more migrants. And that is why he asks the EU to stop this mass flow of refugees.
In addition, the problem of Brexit is quite acute. Despite the fact that the EU and the UK were able to agree in the first phase of the negotiations, they are now moving to the second phase, within which they will have to resolve the problem of regulating the border between the remaining part of the European Union, Ireland and the part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, the status of three with a small million foreign professionals who currently live and work in the British territory.
And we can say that at the moment the European Union is clearly facing a political, social and economic crisis. It has to overcome a very difficult year, because this year will determine its future. As a result, the EU’s exit from the current crisis is one of the biggest issues facing the union, its citizens, institutions, leaders and politicians.


The realities of modern #Libya: #terrorists, #slaves, #poverty

In the middle of October the mass-media published a video with the scenes of slave trades in Libya. It caused many disturbances in Western and African countries and in the UN.
The standard price for one slave became known – only a few hundred dollars. They sell refugees from Central African countries, who tried to leave for Europe.
In the video we can see the life of the slave market in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. Apparently, these scenes became quiet ordinary because it happens openly. The owner of this slave auction sets the value and enumerates all advantages of prisoners. He mentions very often their ability for hard physical labor:
“Does anybody need a digger? This is a big strong man, he will dig very well!”, the salesman says in the market of slaves in Tripoli, praising up the muscular man. The buyers are gradually raising the price. The result is 600 Libyan dinars (about $440 at the official rate). This man sold into slavery passes into the hands of new owners.
And there is another situation on this video: “800, 900, 1000, 1100, sold for 1200 Libyan dinars” (the equivalent of $800), says the auction leader. This Nigerian was put up for sale as “a big strong man, fit for farm work.”
This scene seems to be insane for the 21st century, but it is quite common in Libyan cities.
And the scheme of turning people into slaves is also quite simple. A migrant from Africa turns to the carrier and pays him a certain amount of money for traveling to Europe. As a rule, from three to five thousand dollars. Refugees give the last. When a migrant enters Libya, he is informed that not enough money that he paid, you need more, and in general, no one has guaranteed anything to the illegal immigrant. If the refugee refuses to pay and insists on its, demanding compliance with the agreements, he is beaten or raped. After this, people are usually put up for sale.
Unfortunately, the video does not give us an answer to the question of who exactly the organizers of the slave trade are. Probably, “business” is engaged by paramilitary groups that control most of the country. After the overthrow of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, the armed gangs who replaced the central government took control of the illegal traffic of people from the least developed countries of Africa through the Mediterranean. After all, the general track of such illegal migration lies today through Libya.
In my opinion, the main reason of this situation is the air operation carried out in 2011 by the NATO aggressor countries (the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy) against the government of Libya and its leader M. Gaddafi. The air strikes of the alliance led to massive destruction of the Libyan military and civilian infrastructure – ports, highways, airports, hospitals, power stations and houses. Because of this, the economy of one of the richest countries in the region was destroyed. Thus, military actions destroyed completely the prosperous country, turning it into a country that broke up into several territories controlled by different groups. The oil-rich regions were in the hands of extremists. The population lives at risk of poverty. We can say that Libya as a united country ceased to exist. Therefore, there are continuing wars. People leave cities every day, but more refugees and new victims are appearing every time.
Although Gaddafi was not the best leader in terms of international law, but there was order in the country. He did not allow terrorist groups to enter his country, the slave trade was punishable by death. It was after the deportation of Gaddafi to Libya that international terrorists rushed in mass order. Their influence on the domestic political situation in the country continues to remain serious. If a victory over the terrorists is coming in Syria, but it is impossible to say about Libya. Probably, from Syria, the ISIL fighters will go to Libya with the aim of regrouping, resting, reinforcing troops. I won’t hide, at the end of September a chief investigator at the Tripoli state prosecutor’s office, Sadiq al-Sur, has already said that the IS training camps are in the Libyan desert. After all, South Libya, with its vast, uncontrolled territories, is the main route of migration from sub-Saharan Africa to northern Libya and to Europe. As a result, ISIL can easily get there recruitment, enlistment, or simply intimidating refugees.
In turn, European countries do not provide any practical assistance in overcoming the Libyan crisis. Washington, London, Paris and Rome wanted to establish their own order during the attack on Libya in 2011, they promised to establish democracy, without thinking what will happen in the future. And finally what they got ?! The slave trade, a transit point not only for African illegal immigrants seeking to enter Europe, but also for ISIL militants. I hope that the countries of Europe and the United States have already realized their mistake and will begin to take some actions to improve the current situation in the country where for several hundred US dollars one can buy a person ….

German authorities “lost” 30 thousand refugees

Good morning everyone! The theme of the migration crisis is still topical. After all, the number of people arriving in Europe from the countries of Africa and the Middle East is only increasing. But yesterday, October 2, it turned out that the German authorities did not know anything about where there were more than 30,000 people who had been refused asylum and were subject to expulsion. Although according to the government, at the end of December 2016, 54 thousand 437 people were deported from Germany. However, according to the Federal Statistical Office, in 2016 only 23 thousand 617 of them received benefits. The authorities had no information on the location of the remaining 30 thousand 820 people. Is Germany not able to control the situation of refugees on its own territory?!
And, after all, the German Chancellor most of all invited migrants to her country. In addition, speaking at a press conference in Berlin, she said: “I’m glad that for many people abroad Germany is associated with hope.” This behavior of German Chancellor Angela Merkel provoked the influx of refugees into the EU. After all, migrants follow the appeal of responsible European politicians. They all believe in the promise of the opportunity to live in Europe. But, apparently, these are just statements… Merkel, perhaps, understood the coming nightmare that can drop from the clouds. Or this country began to understand that a large number of migrants could really threaten the security of the country?!
In addition, everyone probably understood that migrants would integrate into European society for several generations, and their massive influx into Europe could have dire consequences. We all see that every day Islamic aggression is only growing and becomes deadly dangerous for the whole of European civilization. We need only to wait that the leadership of the alliance will start to solve this global problem, otherwise the EU people are expecting far from the best times.

Who shakes Europe?

Good afternoon, my future followers of the blog! My name is María, and this is my first article where I try to explain why I’ve decided to start a blog. This article is a start for me on this new path, in this exciting sphere, because I got a desire not only to write and express my thoughts, but to describe some events.
The determined decision to start was the latest developments in my native country, in Spain, where there were disorders due to the Catalan independence referendum.
So, on the morning of October 1, the day of the announced referendum, the clashes with police were started and policemen took the control over the electoral districts, but Catalan pro-independence supporters protected them. The Spanish Civil Guard units were also sent to help the police. Reading all the news it makes me feel sad, because the police used force against civilians. As a result more than 850 persons were affected.
But the Catalans should only answer the following question: “Would you like Catalonia to become an independent state with a republican form of government?” The results of referendum were: a 42.34 per cent voter turnout, 2 020 144 voted in favour (90.09%), 176 565 voted against (8.04%).
As for me, I feel sorry for my native Spain, as this referendum jeopardizes the territorial integrity of the state! I think, the authorities of the Kingdom are obligated to do everything to find a common language with the Catalans and not to bring it to these radical measures. This catastrophe doesn’t occur in the state today, it happened much earlier.
As a result, I had a question, maybe behind all these events there is a third force, which wants to destroy the whole of Europe?! Because the incidents of chaos in Europe have increased, there is an endless stream of refugees, constant acts of terrorism and conflicts, war in Ukraine and, of course, the issue of Catalonia’s independence has become more acute.
And this question appeared when I was reading articles on the Internet in which, according to the Spanish media, George Soros, the famous American billionaire, may be one of the stakeholders in creating unrest in Europe and holding a referendum in Catalonia.
So, the Spanish lawyer and political scientist David Romero Diaz in an interview with “Sputnik Mundo”, expressed his confidence that “the Catalan independence fighters support the Western bloc”. According to Diaz, there are facts confirming the involvement of G.Soros in the Catalan conflict. Financial documents clarified the participating of Soros in making Spanish troubles. They were discovered by the Barcelona newspaper “La Vanguardia”. As Catalan journalists found out last year, that the Soros Foundation, “the Open Society Initiative for Europe”, known for its sympathy for the right, had sponsored public organizations advocating for the independence of Catalonia.
It may be assumed that the current events in Spain, the conflict in Ukraine, Brexit, the migration crisis in Europe are the links in the same chain to which it is directly related. All these events help him only in achieving his cherished objective, to destroy Europe and create a single nation there, which will be ruled by oligarchs of his level. But for this, he needs to destroy the national characteristics of Europeans, and, more simply, the countries of Europe!
In addition, he imposes a “gender ideology”, which assumes “the freedom of gender identity”: who imagines himself in the “gender” sense, who represents himself to the world. He supports abortion, legalization of marijuana and gay marriage. All contribute to the disappearance of any principles, orders and morals in people, which greatly facilitates the task of creating a managed European community.
This “interesting person” can stand behind the events in Catalonia. It seems to me, that the main task of the Spanish in this situation is not to respond to provocations and become an instrument for achieving goals in the hands of insane oligarchs pursuing their own interests!
My friends, this is my first article, so do not judge strictly. I was able to try to express my thoughts and tell why I’ve decided to become a blogger, and besides, it hurts me to watch events in my native Spain. I hope that you will like my style and content of the articles, as I would be very happy to share my worldview and discuss various topics with you. I say goodbye for the time, so, leave comments and ask questions, as I’m always glad to receive readers’ feedback.
Sincerely, María García López.