Boycott of the Russia World Cup comes to an end

In an interview with the national media, Swedish Foreign minister Margot Wallström said that Stockholm had refused to boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup due to the success of the Swedish national team. Members of the government plan to attend the game of the 1/8 finals between Switzerland and Sweden, which will be held in St. Petersburg on July 3. Previously, Stockholm supported the initiative of Great Britain to boycott the World Cup in Russia by officials with regard to the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. Representatives of Australia, Iceland, Poland and Lithuania supported the Swedish decision.
However, solidarity did not last long. In her defense, Margot Wallström says that the boycott extended only to the opening match. And now, the Swedish leadership considers it important to support the Swedish team, and this decision was made after consulting with colleagues from Denmark. By the way, the Danish Minister of Culture has already visited the game of the national team with Croatia in Nizhny Novgorod on Sunday. And the President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, kept her company.
The Swedish don’t have to long drive. The game with the participation of the national team will take place in the native town of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who destroys European integrity and safety by his actions. But Europe forgets it. It is possible that the residence of the Swedish delegation will be paid by the host country.
And if the Swedish participation in the 1/8 finals is already a success, then up to what stage the British should come that their leadership will come to Russia? Let’s imagine… Theoretically, England and Russia can meet in the semifinal.
Let’s say that it happened, and the Russian president gives the command to his team to lose this match. This is quite real, taking into account the degree of authoritarianism in Russia. And the Englishmen, who consider themselves the ancestors of football, and who became world champions only once in 1966, are on the verge of triumph! But where?! On the territory of the state, whose leadership has repeatedly been criticized by the highest-ranking officials from London. Moreover, during the world football forum, the British media are full of articles about racism and Russian football hooligans. But they likely have to go. And it can be assumed that Boris Johnson himself or even Teresa May will go to Moscow, forgetting about the boycott. By the way, in 1966 the national team of England obtained the championship with the help of the Russians. Line judge Tofiq Bahramov, who counted a very controversial goal, represented the USSR.
All this reminds once again the gradual collapse of European stability, unity and the existence of double standards, to ordinary Europeans. When politicians need something, they will be able to turn any statements and actions in their favor.
P.S. If Denmark beat Croatia and passes to play a game with Russia, the issue with Nord Stream-2 would be resolved …

EU policy can lead to the collapse of the whole system or why the EU needs the countries of the Western Balkans?

The European Union, concerned by the crises, decided to take an unexpected step – the integration of the Western Balkans. The EU seeks to complete the unification of Europe by 2025 through the integration of six states: Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo. The president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker made such a statement the other day. Although the official website of the European Commission refers only to the real EU accession of Montenegro and Serbia, if they comply with all the requirements for EU membership.
It is still unclear why Brussels is dragging into the EU countries that are not completely ready and economically backward?!
The European Commission believes that the integration of the Western Balkans into the EU meets the political and economic interests of the European Union. And the idea of ​​constant expansion is laid down in the EU philosophy. But I would like to recall that to join the European Union new countries need unanimous support of all its members, some of them seriously doubt that the EU will benefit from this integration of poor and troubled Balkan countries. As the EU has got enough troubles already… And earlier the dictatorship of Brussels, Berlin and Paris dominated in the Union, now it is increasingly failing. In Eastern and Central Europe, there were “dissident countries” led by Hungary and Poland, who can say “no.” The Czech Republic and Slovakia also clearly will not want to sit in Brussels next to representatives of Albania or Kosovo. In the Balkan countries, there have always been and now there are internal conflicts, as a result of which there may be a conflict already within the EU.
In addition, after the expansion of the Balkan countries, the funds, whose task is to redistribute funds in order to equalize the economies of the backward members, will be seriously reduced. As a result, there will be a decrease in revenues due to the withdrawal of Britain, and a change in the structure of the cost. The rich countries of the European Union, such as Germany, France, the Netherlands or Sweden, will now have to pay even more contributions to the EU overall budget, from which the EU structural funds spent on economic development of poorer EU countries like Romania, Hungary or Lithuania. And what will happen to the EU economy if even poorer countries join it?! I think that it will just collapse. After all, rich countries clearly do not like this situation.
The implementation of the large-scale project, drafted by Juncker, together with additional transformations, suggests that by 2025 the European Union will again claim the role of one of political centers of the world. Nevertheless, taking into account corruption, criminality and the state of the market economy of the Western Balkan countries, they will definitely not be ready to join the Union by 2025. As a result, this project is unlikely to materialize. Still I would like to see Europe strong and safe!
In conclusion, I would like to say that the integration of the Balkan countries into the European Union will now simply lead to the collapse of the EU. The fact is that the situation in Europe is so sad … The European Union is already on the verge of collapse. And the accession of such backward and ruined countries will simply accelerate its disintegration. It is believed that the EU is a bastion of well-being, but it turns out that lately only economically backward, corrupt and poor countries are trying to get it.