Merkel plays by the rules of Trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to increase Germany’s defense spending in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Merkel said the challenges for NATO had changed drastically in recent years, following the Russian annexation of Crimea peninsula and Moscow’s support for rebels in eastern Ukraine. It means that it is necessary for NATO to focus more on defending the alliance.
“To do that we have to make necessary arrangements, for example through a presence in central and Eastern European countries,” she said.
But I think that this decision was not made because of the situation in Ukraine which has not changed for several years. Earlier, US President Donald Trump had criticized Germany and other NATO allies for not spending enough on their own defense and called for an increase in NATO military budget.
And just a few days later, the Chancellor says that Germany will increase its military spending to 2 percent of GDP to show NATO allies that Germany remains a reliable country. And, first of all, it has to prove it to the United States.
Although in her statement to the Bundeswehr officials Merkel criticized again the unilateral US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, we see that Angela Merkel continues to depend on US military support and acts in accordance with the plans of the US leader.
I hope that Trump does not continue to rule Europe, imposing his point of view and will on the European allies.

Not all will see the final of Champions League

Currently, many fans of the Real Madrid football club refused to travel to Kiev for the Champions League final. The reason lies in the very high prices for accommodation in the capital of Ukraine and the flight. The fans of Liverpool were in a similar situation. They have to pay more than £ 1000 for a flight to Kiev.
In this regard, fans of the clubs come up with alternative routes. Some of them will go by buses with transfer in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Some of the Spanish fans plan to fly to Vilnius, from there they will go to Minsk, capital of Belarus, and then to Kiev.
The negative reaction of the fans of both teams was also caused by the fact that each club received 17,000 tickets of the total number (63,000), 6,700 were available on the UEFA site, and 22,300 were distributed among the ‘family’, which includes national associations, organizers, partners, sponsors, broadcasters and others. According to the opinion of simple fans, UEFA had a party for their own people instead of giving a holiday to ordinary fans at affordable prices.
It is important to note that ordinary Ukrainians actively opposed this state of affairs. They began to offer free accommodation to fans who will come to the Champions League final. The hashtag #freekyivcouch4fans was invented and launched. Ordinary people became uncomfortable for the emerging image of Ukraine. However, this initiative of ordinary inhabitants of Kiev did not seriously change the situation.
Unfortunately, the Kiev authorities could not or did not want to support the initiative of people and stop the insane price growth. But just a few years ago it was the common people who brought current politicians to power during the Revolution of Dignity. Ukrainian politicians had to cut prices as much as possible so as to enable many people visit their country. This would contribute to a better understanding of Ukrainian realities by Europeans. And it would be the best advertising of Ukraine, than the constant requests of the Ukrainian leadership for new loans from international organizations.
But the ruling elite of Ukraine missed this opportunity, preferring immediate benefits, rather than strengthening relations with European nations. Who knows when such a chance will appear again…
P.S. the British newspaper Daily Mirror reported that on the evening of May 24 in Kiev British fans were attacked by Ukrainian football hooligans. It happened in one of the restaurants near the stadium Olympic, where the final of the Champions League will be held. Mostly fans of Liverpool were affected. According to witnesses, it was a shocking sight, like a pack of dogs attacked.

Soros begins to invest in bitcoin to finance terrorism

Recently the interest of the George Soros Foundation and the Rockfellers company Venroc has significantly increased in investment in the cryptoindustry. And it’s not without any reasons. Until recently Soros called bitcoin a classic “soap bubble”, but now he has changed his attitude to digital assets and decided to use them for his own purposes. The Wall Street Journal considers that cryptocurrencies help circumvent the constraints on the world banking systems established to combat terrorism and money laundering. With the help of the crypto exchange, users can convert digital currencies to ordinary ones, transfer them to a bank card or bank account, and take them off at ordinary ATMs.
I have repeatedly written in my articles that the American billionaire George Soros is a very controversial figure, he is used to earning on the problems of others. I recall that it was he who organized the collapse of the British pound in 1992, which brought him more than a billion dollars in one day. Through various funds, he participated in military conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, he was repeatedly seen in creating chaos in Europe, which allowed him to influence political processes in different regions of the world. The creation of ISIL was happened with his participation. Soros sponsors terrorism. For him, the more chaos, the more money. However, he acts very carefully, and therefore there is no direct evidence that he is involved in everything that is happening in the world.
And, most likely, Soros again goes according to his planned scenario. So, it is quite possible that bitcoin will become the currency of terrorists soon. The popularity of cryptocurrency among terrorist groups in the Middle East is constantly growing. So, for example, the Al-Sadaka organization, which provides support related to jihad, in its Twitter has published a video, which calls for sacrifice anonymously with the help of cryptocurrency and indicates the address of the bitcoin-purse to improve the conditions for the existence of militants in Syria.
Soros is a businessman who calculates his actions far ahead and if he has already decided to invest in cryptocurrencies, it’s for a reason. Thus, Mr. Soros uses cryptocurrencies to finance terrorist groups in order to create chaos in the world, as well as promote their own interests.

Amnesty International: actions of guarantors of democracy have led to the destruction of respect for the human rights

“As we enter the year in which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70, it is abundantly clear that none of us can take our human rights for granted.”

The international human rights organization Amnesty International published an annual report on the state of the human rights in the world in 2017 on February 22, 2018. Human rights activists stated that 2017 demonstrated the destruction of the system of human rights protection. And this is not surprising. Since for the first time in a long time serious problems in this sphere have appeared in those countries that have always called themselves guarantors of democracy and legality: the USA, Australia and Western European countries.
According to the organization, the policy of President Donald Trump has a great impact on human rights. “Trump moved from the illegal rhetoric of discrimination and xenophobia into concrete actions threatening a major rollback on justice and freedom”. The efforts of US President Donald Trump to ban entry to all citizens of several Muslim-majority countries based on their nationality was a transparently hateful move. Among other American problems, human rights activists noted attacks on the press, disregard for women’s rights, attempts to deprive millions of people of access to health care. In addition, the United States continued frequent attacks using firearms, and death sentences continue to be carried out. We may recall public statements by representatives of the administration of Donald Trump in support of torture of terror suspects.
The main problem of 2017 was the migration crisis. This is confirmed by the terrible situation of refugees in Libya. In addition, this issue was actively used for pre-election purposes in various European countries. In Austria, France, Germany and the Netherlands, some candidates sought to transpose social and economic anxieties into fear and blame, especially against migrants, refugees and religious minorities.
A vivid example of society’s hatred of minorities was the monstrous military campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya people in Myanmar. Almost 700 thousand people were forced to leave the country, fleeing violence and murder. It was the fastest-growing refugee crisis of 2017.
In Ukraine, the organization noted further regress in respect of human rights. The main reason for the opinion of human rights activists: the pressure from the authorities and ultra-right groups to criticize the government, journalists and non-profit organizations.
The growth of hatred has also affected Russia, where we witnessed a monstrous campaign of kidnapping, torturing and killing gays in Chechnya. According to human rights activists, another serious problem is the situation of Crimean Tatar activists. The report says that any disagreement with the position of the Crimean authorities is suppressed, people are arrested, fined, and their homes are searched.
Unfortunately, the organization also pointed to a number of violations in my native Spain. Amnesty International noted that the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly of Catalan independence supporters were disproportionally restricted. Dozens of people were prosecuted for “glorification of terrorism” and “humiliation of victims” on social media. Spain relocated fewer asylum-seekers than it had pledged to under the EU relocation scheme, and resettled fewer refugees than it had committed to.
Taking into account all the above-mentioned serious problems, we should also mention remarkable achievements in the struggle for human rights that were achieved in 2017. For example, in Chile, a complete ban on abortion was lifted, Taiwan came close to recognizing same-sex marriages, in Angola, the law restricting the activities of NGOs was abolished, and residents of the Nigeria achieved a landmark victory in the fight against forced evictions.
The greatest surprise and rejection is the deterioration of the human rights situation in the United States. With the current leadership, the US gradually ceases to be guarantors of democratic rights and freedoms of its own citizens. So in the very near future Washington will lose the moral right to advise its partners how they need to act in the development of democracy. I hope that this year will enable the guarantors of democracy and legality to confirm their commitment to the idea of ​​human rights and change their attitude to this problem. Continue reading “Amnesty International: actions of guarantors of democracy have led to the destruction of respect for the human rights”

Who is Anna Maruny, who asks for the help of Catalonia?

Good evening, my dear readers! As promised, I tried to find out who the girl from the Catalan video “Help Catalonia.Save Europe!” is and as I assumed, she has to do with the United States. Let me remind you that a video message appeared recently in the network, filmed in Catalonia during clashes between opponents and supporters of the independence of the region. There a young girl from Catalonia talks in English about her view of the crisis in the autonomy. She states that “we, like European citizens, believe in values ​​such as democracy, freedom and human rights” and calls on Europe “to help Catalonia, to release it, before it’s too late.” This video reminds an Ukrainian video shot filmed during EuroMaidan in 2014, where activist Yulia Marushevska tells also in English, in the background of barricades and burning tires that the protesters “want to be free of dictatorship.” (Here you can read in detail my article, which compares these 2 videos) In that publication, I found out that the face of the Ukrainian video, Yulia Marushevska, has close ties with the United States. And now I’ll tell you about the second girl.
So who is the girl of the Catalan video, which excited recently the whole public?
This 26-year-old actress Anna Maruny Castillón, who was born in Girona, February 3, 1991, and grew up in a small area of ​​Spain – Bash-Emporda. She studied at such theatrical schools as el Institut del Teatre, la Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico Etria y Escuela de Artes Escénicas Coco Comín de Barcelona. But then she realized that she “spent more time in the theatre school Eòlia than in the university”. It is curious that Anna studied for a long time in the USA, in New York (the Stella Adler Actors Studio, the theatre company Saratoga International Theater Institute (SITI Company)). Apparently, in the United States during this time, she was taught everything “good”. Moreover, she even became a star there, since she starred in comedy horror “Zombie Pizza!” in 2014, which tells the story of a teenager who, after losing her father, decides to continue the family business-to carry pizza on a bicycle during the horror film “Apocalypse zombie”. The actress played the part of Adriana.
According to the Spanish media, Anna is also a member of the Association of Professional Actors and Directors of the autonomous community.
Anna Maruny speaks Spanish, Catalan, English and French very well. And as we see in the video, she is fluent in English, calling for the rescue of Catalonia, and thus Europe. And here again the traces of Soros, the American businessman, and his fund “Open Society Initiative for Europe” are clearly visible. Apparently, he also sponsored Òmnium Cultural, the director of this video message. Please note that it has already been repeatedly noted that this fund has financed public organizations that are in favor of Catalonia’s independence. Apparently, this case is also his handiwork.
This rascal actor of international politics and international relations, George Soros, leads us according to his planned scenario. Who will be next? until it’s unknown …
Sincerely, María García López.


Catalan separatists have copied the Ukrainian video of the times of Euromaidan

Good morning! The confrontation between Catalonia and Madrid because of the independence referendum motivated some Catalans to seek help and support in Europe. So, they created a propaganda video, which is very similar to the video message shot in Ukraine during the times of Euromaidan in 2014. In the video, which is called “I am Ukrainian”, activist Yulia Marushevska tires to tell us in English with tears in her eyes on the background of barricades and tyre fires that the protesters “want to be free of dictatorship”. Moreover, she urges Yanukovych not to “kill”, preaches “freedom and democracy.” In this video there are clashes between the police and civilians.
It is curious only that the video was filmed by the English photographer Graham Mitchell, and published by the American documentaryist Ben Moses. It is also interesting that Yulia Marushevska was a participant of the summer program of Harvard University, and from January to March 2015 she studied the state structure, political development, fighting corruption in the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law of Stanford University. Apparently, in the universities of the American metropolis – Harvard and Stanford – she was taught something “good”, and then in the colonial tradition was returned back to her homeland. All this confirms once again the intervention of Americans. And after all, I have repeatedly written in my publications about the participation of so-called “stakeholders” in shaking Europe, maybe they are doing it again?!
As a result, I can assume that the face of the Ukrainian video, Yulia Marushevska, has close ties with the United States. The American radio station “Voice of America” noted that this “emotional appeal” motivated thousands of Ukrainians to go outside. And given that the United States was the main sponsor of the Maidan and the Catalan video was shot in a similar style, I can assume that the USA was involved here, as confirmed by my previous publications.
And I don’t want this same American radio station to write the same thing about the Catalans, who are in favor of secession from Spain. And anyway, the girl in the Catalan video maybe be relevant to the US?! Obviously, the video “Help Catalonia: Save Europe” reminds Julia’s video. So, a young girl from Catalonia talks in English about her view of the crisis in the autonomy. She claims that the Spanish government “refuses any dialogue”, and the police use excessive force. “We are European citizens like you, and we need your help”, the girl said, urging us to share this information with friends and family. In addition, she states that “we, like European citizens, believe in values ​​such as democracy, freedom and human rights” and calls on Europe “to help Catalonia, to release it, before it’s too late”. The video is accompanied by footage from the demonstrations in Catalonia and the actions of the police.
Obviously, the events that take place today has a “director”, who leads them to the unknown end. And in my next publications I’ll try to find out who can be and can a girl in the Catalan clip be related to the US.

The video –

Sincerely, María García López.