Pedro Agramunt exposed the activities of European organizations financed by Soros

It’s no secret that the American billionaire George Soros has been actively interfering in political processes for a long time with the aim of creating chaos in Europe.
The former PACE President Pedro Agramunt, charged with corruption, convinced of that. So, he conducted his personal investigation to save his reputation, and found out that some organizations controlled by the American billionaire, worked in the EU Institutions.
Let me remind you that in October 2017 Pedro Agramunt resigned as PACE President because of the scandal caused by his trip to Syria, and because of constant charges of corruption. After that, he decided to find out which people and organizations had started a political campaign against him. And the results were impressive.
The main accuser was Gerald Knaus, the Chairman of the European Stability Initiative (ESI). ESI positions itself as an ordinary non-governmental organization, but in fact, according to Agramunt’s lawyers, it is a lobbying structure introduced into the files of lobbyists of the European Commission and the European Parliament.
The PACE President Pedro Agramunt, in particular, was trying to make transparent the activities of all lobbying structures. According to him, he wanted to force active lobbyists in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to declare themselves. And the fact that the main accusation against him was put forward by the lobbying organization, seemed at least very strange.
Things get even more interesting if we look at the ESI Chairman. It turned out that Gerald Knaus maintains close relations with Nicholas Whyte, the head of the Independent Diplomacy, the aim of which is to internationalize the process of the independence of Catalonia. During this process the Catalan government sought assistance from this organization.
Finally, Knaus and Whyte had the common source of funding for their organizations, the Open Society Foundation (OSF), owned by billionaire George Soros.
As a result of the investigation, Agramunt came to the conclusion that all the organizations controlled by Soros brought charges against him, and that these structures were introduced into the state institutions of Europe. According to Agramunt, these organizations conducted an international company aimed at discrediting and slandering his personality, and these same people supported the undermining of independence in Spain.
But the American billionaire not only conducts the process of lobbying in parliaments. Numerous NGOs around the world work not only with deputies and state officials, but with opposition forces, the media, public opinion, resolving different political tasks. One of them, for example, was the referendum on the self-determination of Catalonia. Now a new goal is set: Soros is directly engaged in the changing of UK’s mind about leaving the European Union.
So, the other day the billionaire announced that on June 8 in the United Kingdom launched a nationwide campaign in support of a new referendum, which should abolish the Brexit. There was created the ‘Best for Britain’ movement, and mass protests are planned. It is known that Soros has already sent to the British supporters of European integration a total of almost 700 thousand US dollars.
I think that it is necessary to fight against such structures, financed by a billionaire of Hungarian origin, in order to prevent them from creating chaos in Europe and to promote their own interests …

French MPs are against war in Syria

On April 13 a number of French parliamentarians wrote a letter to the President Emmanuel Macron. They expressed disagreement with the participation of the French Armed Forces in striking Syria on April 12 together with the United Kingdom and the United States. The deputies believe that there was no evidence of the use of chemical weapons by government forces of Syria. And also, such actions jeopardize national security.
There are some excerpts from this document:
“Your predecessor, President Jacques René Chirac, went down in history by expressing some doubts on accuracy of information about the development of weapons of mass destruction and refused to take part in the destroying of Iraq. By these actions he helped France to avoid responsibility for the catastrophes that followed after the attack: millions of dead, the disappearance of Christian minorities and Yezidi, the birth of ISIL.
The destruction of the Libyan state after Franco-British intervention, motivated by false information about the bombing of civilians in Benghazi, led to similar catastrophes …
Mr. President, we ask you to present the Parliament and the French citizens the evidence of a governmental chemical attack that affected several square kilometers.
If France joins the war against Syria, it is necessary to understand that you are putting our country and our Armed Forces in danger…”.
The members of Parliament Gérard Bait and Jacques Myard, the former minister François Guillaume, the general Dominique Delawarde, the adviser on international affairs colonel Alain Corvez, the former deputy Nicolas Dhuicq, the deputy Jérôme Lambert, the colonel Jacques Hogard signed this letter.
I wonder if Macron will provide real evidence or there is nothing to present? And whose side will he choose: Jacques Chirac or Nicolas Sarkozy?
This situation confirms that there is no common opinion on the situation in Syria in European society, even within one country.
And the desire to solve this issue by force is not typical for all participants of the EU and NATO.