How the NATO summit really ended?

Trump…the US President… Many people all over the world hate him, are scared of him, admire, o does not understand him. More recently he has been the main newsmaker for the leading world’s mass media. As a true businessman, he tries to suppress junior partners, but at the same time he engages in an equal dialogue with those who are not weaker, or even stronger than him. His method of government is not similar to any of his predecessors in the White House. And it is getting interesting…

And now, it should be noted that he cares about his own image among Americans and the national treasury enrichment. He is ready to destroy the order that was set until he came to power to achieve high results in this matter. He is very aggressive towards European partners. He is introducing new import duties. He does not care about someone from Brussels, Paris and Berlin. At the same time, he sits at the table to negotiate with North Korean dictator, hoping for the Nobel Peace Prize, and then, passes to the Russian president.

Another place, where he showed his aggressive behavior was the NATO summit. Even before the beginning of this event, he attacked some European partners by sending letters. In them he stated the need to increase defense spending to 2 % of GDP. This theme was the main one during his speech at the summit. Trump stated again that his country did not have to pay for the security of Europe. The US President tries to meet the expectations of electorate, as well as the Congress, through this pressure because one of his pre-election promises was to force Europe to increase defense spending that it could defend itself.

It seemed that the European politicians did not have any answer to the US President. However, it only seemed… But later it turned out, that the leaders of Denmark expressed the loudest disagreement with the demand of Trump. The Prime Minister of this small country, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, said that his country was nothing to be embarrassed about NATO partnership, and added that not everything was measured in money. The Prime Minister cited the example of human losses of Denmark in Iraq and Afghanistan that are compatible with US losses, given the ratio of the size of both countries. The Danish media also reported that after such a statement, Donald Trump approached him, saying ‘a nice point’.

It turns out that Trump understands only strength. And unfortunately, Rasmussen does not find support among the other European leaders. Or it’s just for now?

Italy: Soros is involved in the migration crisis of Europe

It is not the first time we hear that it was the US billionaire George Soros is involved in creating a migration crisis in Europe.

And nowadays, this crisis has reached such proportions that the Italian authorities have decided to strengthen external borders to reduce the flow of illegal migrants from Africa to Italy and the EU.
So, the other day the Italian Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, suggested that George Soros was involved in creating migration chaos in Europe, in particular in Italy.

According to him, the US billionaire “supports non-governmental organizations dealing with the delivery of illegal migrants from Libyan territorial waters to Italy, and wants to turn Italy and the rest of Europe into a refugee camp. Because he likes slaves”.

Let me remind you that earlier the Hungarian government also accused the American business magnate of Hungarian origin of the desire to “flood” Europe with refugees.
Unfortunately, the financing of the migration crisis in the EU continues. Today in the countries of Africa there is an extremely unstable situation, and the US billionaire will try to cynically use it as a further impetus to increase the migration flow to the countries of the European Union and Italy, in particular.

By 2050, it is expected that the population of African countries will exceed 2.5 billion, and most of these people will live in slums. That means that the number of refugees in the EU countries will only increase … and if the states do not take radical measures, all these actions of George Soros will only lead to the collapse of the European Union.

 Obviously, the topic of migration is one of the main problems of Europe, and apparently, one of those that is very far from a solution …

What can we expect from the NATO summit 2018?

Between 11 and 12 July 2018, a meeting of the heads of state and government of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) will be held in Brussels, Belgium. However, the European members of the alliance do not expect much this event. The reason lies in a person, like the US President Donald Trump. According to some observers of The New York Times, the US’ Atlantic allies are not quiet sure what to expect from the head of the White House on this summit. “No one knows in what mood Trump will arrive: aggressive, or insulted the allies for inadequate defense spending, or as a boaster, who brags of the recent cost increase”, notes journalist Steven Erlanger.

The EU allies are very concerned that they will face Trump what he was at the G7 leaders meeting in June. The present members described him as angry, sarcastic and rude, especially concerning Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel. According to the former US ambassador to NATO Nicholas Burns, the focus of the meeting “should be Russian deterrent by the forces of the alliance in Eastern Europe, but Trump can ruin everything for Putin”. If Trump “arrives to enhance the dialogue with Russia and there is no clearity what Moscow will do in return, it will cause confusion in the North Atlantic alliance”, he said.

According to the president of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, François Heisbourg, “Trump can act instinctively, trying to arrange a bilateral deal with Putin and sacrifice the interests of NATO. He can lift sanctions imposed because of Crimea, put off maneuvers or withdraw US troops from the Baltic countries. We have seen it with Kim Jong-un”.
It is possible that Donald Trump can increase the expenses in common defense up to 2% of the GDP to the American allies of the NATO, that do not fulfill the condition. According to Defense News, Trump has already sent letters to some of his NATO allies in which he complained that they have not contributed enough to the Atlantic Alliance. In addition, the US leader has warned that this problem will be a key issue at the summit in Brussels.

The only document in this regard was published in Norway’s most important newspaper, VG, in which a letter was published to Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg on June 19. However, there is information that some NATO member states have received similar letters, and Foreign Policy magazine confirmed it.

The Norwegian letter says: “Norway however, remains the only NATO Ally sharing a border with Russia that lacks a credible plan to spend 2 percent of its gross domestic product on defense…I understand domestic political pressures, as I myself have expended considerable political capital to increase our own defense spending. It will, however increasingly difficult to justify to US citizens why some countries continue to fail to meet our shared collective security commitments.

But there is an opposite version that lies in the fact that everyone needs the success at this forum. And the US side can make some efforts to soften the negative impression of the previous G7 meeting, in which the United States clashed with its European allies and Canada.

In any case, the next summit of the North Atlantic alliance promises to become one of the most interesting and unpredictable in recent years. And the United States will play a fundamental role there.

However, in the realities of modern world, it does not guarantee the strengthening of the European security.


Merkel plays by the rules of Trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to increase Germany’s defense spending in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Merkel said the challenges for NATO had changed drastically in recent years, following the Russian annexation of Crimea peninsula and Moscow’s support for rebels in eastern Ukraine. It means that it is necessary for NATO to focus more on defending the alliance.
“To do that we have to make necessary arrangements, for example through a presence in central and Eastern European countries,” she said.
But I think that this decision was not made because of the situation in Ukraine which has not changed for several years. Earlier, US President Donald Trump had criticized Germany and other NATO allies for not spending enough on their own defense and called for an increase in NATO military budget.
And just a few days later, the Chancellor says that Germany will increase its military spending to 2 percent of GDP to show NATO allies that Germany remains a reliable country. And, first of all, it has to prove it to the United States.
Although in her statement to the Bundeswehr officials Merkel criticized again the unilateral US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, we see that Angela Merkel continues to depend on US military support and acts in accordance with the plans of the US leader.
I hope that Trump does not continue to rule Europe, imposing his point of view and will on the European allies.

Roses for the German national football team

Very soon we will witnesses a grand sporting event: the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia! Remembering the Olympic Games in Sochi, there is no doubt that everything will be done as successfully as possible. Petrodollars will allow to arrange a memorable show with a high level of comfort for guests and participants. Returning to the issue of the Olympic Games in Sochi, you can recall that many athletes in the Olympic Village took the opportunity to cure their teeth totally free. At the World Cup will not be worse.
And nobody has already remembered that the World Championship will be held on the territory of the country, which has recently annexed a part of the neighboring state and actively supports separatists there. Only a few European publications recall that their football players will play in a country where the doping program was developed at the state level and covered by special services.
Everything is forgotten. Everything becomes history. And someone with a smile receives a bouquet of roses. Why is this happening?
No matter how hard we oppose it, the financial and economic interests of individual EU countries that put themselves above others, prevail over democratic values, allied commitments and support for the needy.
Four years have passed since the introduction of the first sanctions against Russia, and Germany declares the importance of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Most recently, the Bulgarian president, whose country presides over the EU, said that his country needed its own gas pipeline with Russia. In 2014, Sofia, under pressure from the United States and the EU, refused to lay South Stream and lost millions of euros. And there are a number of countries that are ready to join the oil and gas Russian pipe.
Undoubtedly, there are those who continue to support the earlier initiated actions in relation to the Kremlin. But most importantly, unity has disappeared in this issue, and economic benefits overshadow all other important things. Germany seems very peculiar country. It was Berlin that was one of the initiators of the economic blockade of Moscow, but now, after counting the losses and using its dominant position in the European Union, it seeks to replenish its budget through the transit of Russian gas. And Mrs. Merkel flooded Europe with immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. And now it makes all countries participate in this show, distributing quotas.
It’s time to stop pretending that financial preferences do not mean anything. It’s sad, but we have to admit that the European Union can not stand it. Gradually, it’s time to reformatting and select a new vector of movement. Maybe it’s not so bad. It remains to decide in what composition, when, where, with whom, around whom?
It should be noted that the European community does not benefit from the actions of Mr. Trump. The US president is doing everything to alienate the European partners. And, accordingly, deprive Europe of its ally.
What it takes to the way out of the deal on the Iranian nuclear program. Washington’s attitude to European capitals as its own vassals does not contribute to the formation of close partnership relations and in the future can negatively affect the interaction of the parties in solving key international issues.

P.S. It’s a pity that the US football team did not go to the World Cup and did not get into the same group with Iran. It could be nuclear football!


Trump remembers the Holocaust, but forgets about Europe

On May 9, 2018, the US President Donald Trump signed Law 447 or JUST (Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today). It is interesting that this happened the day after the celebration of VE Day of the surrender of Germany in 1945.
In the communique, the White House said that the law required a report on the actions of certain countries with regard to the disposition of Holocaust era assets. The presence of such property in 46 countries must be reported to Congress by the US Secretary of State in 18 months. If this is not possible to determine any direct descendants, then the objects will be transferred to organizations that conduct Holocaust studies.
The law 447 does not mention any countries. And this document does not give any special powers to the USA. However, this law caused the greatest reaction in Poland. One of the founders of the Polish Conservative and Liberal Party Union of Real Politics, a professor at the Higher School of International Relations and American Studies in Warsaw, Stanisław Michalkiewicz said: “On May 9, 2018, Poland finally lost the Second World War … Now the Poles should pay 300 billion dollars to the Jews for the fact that they were killed by the Germans”. It was a cry of the soul in response to the law JUST. The Polish President Andrzej Duda expressed his fears that “this law might in some way pose a threat that would directed against Poland”.
Such actions of the United States can greatly complicate relations between Washington and the European allies, and this time it happens to Warsaw. And this, despite the fact that Poland presents the US interests in Europe, and after Brexit it was seen as the main representative of the USA in the European Union. But even with such important partners, the USA are ready to confront for their own reasons.
Earlier Washington withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal and moved the embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. These actions of the US officials (especially the situation concerning Iran) caused misunderstanding and criticism of US partners in Europe. However, the White House does not pay attention to this.
Anyway, all the above-mentioned actions of the USA concern Israel. And they committed to please the Israeli side. So, why does Trump strive so actively to please Israel? There can be several answers. And one of the assumptions might sound like this: Donald Trump hopes that these actions will not be ignored by the influential Jewish clans of the USA and they will help him to avoid the impeachment. The threat of the impeachment of the 45th US President continues to exist and it is clear to everyone, including himself. Democrats and a part of the Republicans are just waiting for Trump’s new mistakes. Therefore, all these actions are aimed at seeking support from Soros, Rothschilds and other representatives of a powerful Jewish office in the United States.
It turns out that Donald Trump is just afraid of losing his presidency. And all these actions, which can inflict significant damage to the European and world security, are aimed at preserving its place in the White House. It becomes obvious that the current US power is even more unpredictable than it seemed. And in their personal interests it can go on deteriorating relations with long-term partners.





French MPs are against war in Syria

On April 13 a number of French parliamentarians wrote a letter to the President Emmanuel Macron. They expressed disagreement with the participation of the French Armed Forces in striking Syria on April 12 together with the United Kingdom and the United States. The deputies believe that there was no evidence of the use of chemical weapons by government forces of Syria. And also, such actions jeopardize national security.
There are some excerpts from this document:
“Your predecessor, President Jacques René Chirac, went down in history by expressing some doubts on accuracy of information about the development of weapons of mass destruction and refused to take part in the destroying of Iraq. By these actions he helped France to avoid responsibility for the catastrophes that followed after the attack: millions of dead, the disappearance of Christian minorities and Yezidi, the birth of ISIL.
The destruction of the Libyan state after Franco-British intervention, motivated by false information about the bombing of civilians in Benghazi, led to similar catastrophes …
Mr. President, we ask you to present the Parliament and the French citizens the evidence of a governmental chemical attack that affected several square kilometers.
If France joins the war against Syria, it is necessary to understand that you are putting our country and our Armed Forces in danger…”.
The members of Parliament Gérard Bait and Jacques Myard, the former minister François Guillaume, the general Dominique Delawarde, the adviser on international affairs colonel Alain Corvez, the former deputy Nicolas Dhuicq, the deputy Jérôme Lambert, the colonel Jacques Hogard signed this letter.
I wonder if Macron will provide real evidence or there is nothing to present? And whose side will he choose: Jacques Chirac or Nicolas Sarkozy?
This situation confirms that there is no common opinion on the situation in Syria in European society, even within one country.
And the desire to solve this issue by force is not typical for all participants of the EU and NATO.

Soros begins to invest in bitcoin to finance terrorism

Recently the interest of the George Soros Foundation and the Rockfellers company Venroc has significantly increased in investment in the cryptoindustry. And it’s not without any reasons. Until recently Soros called bitcoin a classic “soap bubble”, but now he has changed his attitude to digital assets and decided to use them for his own purposes. The Wall Street Journal considers that cryptocurrencies help circumvent the constraints on the world banking systems established to combat terrorism and money laundering. With the help of the crypto exchange, users can convert digital currencies to ordinary ones, transfer them to a bank card or bank account, and take them off at ordinary ATMs.
I have repeatedly written in my articles that the American billionaire George Soros is a very controversial figure, he is used to earning on the problems of others. I recall that it was he who organized the collapse of the British pound in 1992, which brought him more than a billion dollars in one day. Through various funds, he participated in military conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, he was repeatedly seen in creating chaos in Europe, which allowed him to influence political processes in different regions of the world. The creation of ISIL was happened with his participation. Soros sponsors terrorism. For him, the more chaos, the more money. However, he acts very carefully, and therefore there is no direct evidence that he is involved in everything that is happening in the world.
And, most likely, Soros again goes according to his planned scenario. So, it is quite possible that bitcoin will become the currency of terrorists soon. The popularity of cryptocurrency among terrorist groups in the Middle East is constantly growing. So, for example, the Al-Sadaka organization, which provides support related to jihad, in its Twitter has published a video, which calls for sacrifice anonymously with the help of cryptocurrency and indicates the address of the bitcoin-purse to improve the conditions for the existence of militants in Syria.
Soros is a businessman who calculates his actions far ahead and if he has already decided to invest in cryptocurrencies, it’s for a reason. Thus, Mr. Soros uses cryptocurrencies to finance terrorist groups in order to create chaos in the world, as well as promote their own interests.

Europe prepares for war

Last week in Brussels the European Commission and the High Representative presented an Action Plan to improve military mobility within and beyond the European Union. This would enable military personnel and equipment to be moved more quickly across Europe. It is noted that nowadays many types of military equipment can not be transported to the EU because of its heavy weight and large dimensions.
Therefore, the leadership of the European Union believes that European countries should seriously concern themselves with their military mobility and combat readiness in order to respond in time to possible crises. Thus, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President Federica Mogherini said: “… by facilitating military mobility within the EU, we can be more effective in preventing crises, more efficient in deploying our missions, and quicker in reacting when challenges arise…”.
This large-scale programme let’s us believe that the European Union prepares for possible military operations with the use of conventional weapons on the territory of European states. And although the European officials haven’t said yet in which direction the troops transfer is planned, it is clear that we are likely talking about the eastern direction. And despite talks about the creation of transport corridors towards Britain, I think the eastern European direction will remain a priority.
Let me remind you that Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, U.S. Army Europe commander, proposed for the first time the creation of a so-called military Schengen zone in May 2017 at a conference in Tallin. The idea was to ensure the free movement of troops and military equipment, including NATO material, in the territory of EU countries.
It should be noted that the EU has recently tended to build its own military potential and extend military cooperation of European countries. This is due to the fact that NATO, in which the United States and Britain play the key role, causes more and more criticism in the countries of continental Europe. The European Union seeks to create joint forces that would be independent from the US and could be used exclusively in the interests of European states. But whatever opinion the EU leadership holds, European countries aren’t able to influence the situation, as well as deviate from the line set by the USA and Washington …

The trade war: USA & Europe

Today there are many conversations about the complication of the relations between the Trump’s administration and Europe.
I remind you that on March 9 the head of the White House signed a decree to introduce 25-percent tariffs on steel imports and 10-percent tariffs on aluminum imports. The exemptions were for Canada and Mexico, Washington’s partners in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). I note that Trump’s decision to impose duties served as an impetus for the beginning of the trade war.
The Section 232 of US trade legislation allows introduce measures against imports that threaten national security. This step was explained by the high dependence on foreign metals and the reduction of domestic production and capacity. US Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, said that many steel and aluminum plants has been closed, 75,000 jobs have been lost since 1998.
The US actions became very painful for the European Union, Brussels reacted to Washington’s plans immediately. The head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said that if the US did not abandon its intentions, then the EU would follow the reciprocal duties on steel, bourbon, jeans and peanut butter.
It is not yet clear how this ends and until what time they will exchange duties and tariff charges, but the consequences of the trade war can be extremely destructive. If the US withdraws from NAFTA and announces new import tariffs from China, South Korea and Taiwan, the growth of global GDP will slow to 2.5% in 2018 instead of the basic 3.2%.
However, the US president believes that the US will win the trade war. For the USA, the EU is the main economic partner, it is not even among the three major US importers (China, Mexico and Canada). But for the European Union, the USA is one of the main trade partners for exports and imports. In addition, America is one of the most important markets for the EU. And if we allow America to continue to limit this market with impunity in the future, for Europeans this may end by an economic crisis.
The outcome of the confrontation, in fact, is not so obvious. The history of such trade wars shows that a country that initially has stronger positions may eventually lose out. But I think that in this trade war, caused by mutual tariff increases, no one will win. After all, you can notice that it will not just a conflict of interests between the two countries, but a clash of protectionists and globalists, which lasts for a number of years…